“No greater opportunity, responsibility or obligation is given to a person than that of serving as a physician. In treating the sick there is need for technical skill, scientific knowledge and human understanding. The person who utilizes these with humility, courage and wisdom will provide a unique service and will build an enduring edifice of character. The physician should ask of destiny nothing more than this and should be content with nothing less.”
…Harrison’s Text book of Medicine

PREVENT-ARREST-REVERSE…that’s the aim with which all patients are taken care of at CHRC©.

CHRC © has time and again successfully burst the myths about homoeopathy by achieving rapid, gentle and permanent cure in the most challenging cases. (Read Success Stories) Every patient is given dedicated time with prior appointment. In order to view the grand image of sickness you need to examine very close; so detailed case receiving and examination is done; after which, a constitutional homoeopathic medicine is prescribed, strictly based on homoeopathic principles. The treatment is directed to bring back the harmony in PNEI (Psycho, Neuro, Endocrino and Immunological) axis. Along with homoeopathic medicine, patients are encouraged to follow healthy life style for speedy recovery. Also, healthy diet and regimen receives special attention as it plays vital role in staying well. CHRC © treats wide range of highly pathological cases. Patients with serious ailments are guided to join NEST TM Life Style Disorder Reversal Program in order to reverse the pathology at the earliest. Comprehensive and holistic approach is adapted to arrest and then reverse the disease.

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The Centre is equipped with a huge library (resources). The books essentially are those related to homoeopathy with sections dedicated to Materia Medica, Philosophy, Old Journals and a section with books that are allied to homoeopathic practice and Orthomolecular medicine. Nearly every book in homoeopathic literature is available.

CHRC © conducts yearly ‘The Quantum Leap International Training Program in Classical Homoeopathy’ for doctors and interns from India and abroad. The first Training Program was held in July 2000. It covers every essential aspect of Classical Homoeopathic practice. In the Testimonials one can read and know the views and opinions about the Training Program.

NOTE: All patients are seen by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni only.
Online consultation facility is designed for patients from abroad and India.