Boost Your Immune System !

‘Weak immunity’ has become a worrisome health issue for many – children and adults alike. Still more worrisome is the ‘solution’ suggested for boosting your immunity. Many believe that ‘one should eat outside, street food (read – junk) to have strong immunity’! Still more shocking is, when such unscientific suggestions come from doctors !! We have come across a mother of 2 year old, who was advised by a senior paediatrician, to feed the child outside food for strong resistance power !!!

How does one substantiate such advice ? Do you buy poor quality ingredients like cement, steel, bricks, etc. to build a strong house for yourself ? Why such illogical reasoning when it comes to taking care of your ‘first house’ i.e. your body ?

To find the correct solution, let us first understand what lowers immunity.

    • Being stressed and unhappy
    • Inadequate sleep
    • Poor nutrition: excess of sugar, fat, alcohol, smoking,etc.
    • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Taking immunosuppressant drugs like steroids

These are few of the common reasons; and it can result in …

  • Recurring infections
  • Autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus type 1, SLE, etc.
  • Inflammatory diseases &
  • Cancer.

Homoeopathy offers a holistic solution to these problems Bang On !!

Here is a testimonial of a father. Find out how his son enjoyed health under the care of CHRC, when everyone around him was falling ill !

strong immunity

“My son has been under Dr. Falguni’s supervision for his allergies, through his rickets and through his chronic malaria. He would frequently suffer from common cough and cold at every weather change. With doc’s medicine and regime, he is totally out of this and did not fall ill during January 2014 wherein weather in Mumbai underwent major changes and children all around us fell prey. His immunity has definitely boosted. Also he suffered from high fever (104 degree upwards) every September … The amazing part was not only that he is out of this suffering now under Dr. Falguni; the amazing part is her diagnosis and prognosis of the same.
With Dr. Falguni’s persistent guidance, we have been successful in deleting aerated water, colored drinks, chips, Kurkure and other common junk among children from his life. He is seven now and is completely aware of health hazards caused by consuming such food items. We attribute this to relentless advice /guidance (even warnings) by Doc.
My wife and I thank her for making our son healthy and capable to lead a healthier and happier life.”

Health Tip:

Feeling happy and eating healthy are priceless boosters.


Simple, inexpensive lemon infused water can be a great boost to your immunity. Just put sliced lemon (make sure that seeds are removed) in a jar of water, let it infuse overnight and that’s it ! From next morning start sipping it all day long!! And yes, remember to use organic lemons only !!