‘Boost Your Intelligence’ An Inspiring Story

Who doesn’t want to be intelligent? All of us love to be looked upon as one. It’s every parent’s dream to have a super brilliant child! Sometimes, for many this seems a distant dream. Somewhere down the line, parents accept it as their fate; that it was an unrealistic dream. Every child is born different with unique capabilities and it is not right to compare. But the fact is, many a times wrong food is the culprit.

Yes, there are foods which kill your child’s intelligence !! …sugar, processed and junk food, bread, excess of salt, fried food, GMO food, HFCS and many more are the culprit for the child’s DULL, LAZY, ‘BORN-TIRED’ behaviour. It is a scientifically proven fact that they can be the cause of your child’s below average academic performance!

Take solace! If these foods are capable of dimming the intelligence sparkle, there are foods which can boost your intelligence!

Here, we share with you an inspiring story of a child whose parents went through the same turmoil that many of you may feel as your own.

A big time foodie, this loving and affectionate child’s performance in studies was far below average and this gave his parents sleepless nights! At 89.9 kg weight, his obesity was another big hurdle! His parents were stressed beyond expression as he came in 9th standard. Surpassing the S.S.C. Board exam seemed to be a monumental challenge and his bright future dearly depended on it. Time seemed to be running out for him. This worrisome eventuality brought them to CHRC.

At CHRC, proper Homoeopathic treatment and ‘food as medicine’ complementing the treatment, did wonders for this child.


Within a short period of time, he was transformed from a non-performing, Obese child to a bright, lean and healthy adolescent!
He had shed off 26 kgs and delivered where it mattered the most …

We received this heart warming ‘thank you’ mail from his mother on the day his S.S.C. result was declared!

 “Dear Dr. Falguni & Dr. Prasad,

   We are very proud to inform you that Taroneez has scored 86% in SSC Board. It is a very happy     moment for us (parents).

  Trust if today Taroneez has excelled it is only due to your best care. Your medicine, guidance & correct food plan has given him the confidence & courage to believe in himself. Trust we bow to you for your excellent care, commitment and foresight.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and pray that your Midas touch heals many more minds…”


Mukta Maneckji.