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We always encourage patients, who are cured, to share their journey with others, so that others too can learn and gain from their experiences. We hope that as we share with you our patients’ testimonials, these will inspire you and help you to choose the right path to freedom from disease. We share these cases not to brag about ourselves, nor to show other physicians down, but simply to encourage patients who desire a cure, that such a cure is possible.

A Case of Cardiomyopathy advised heart transplant

CardiomyopathyBy far the earliest in our career as homoeopaths, this was a very critical case. This patient had been advised a heart transplant; rather when they approached us for treatment they were asked to decide for the heart transplant before it was too late, by one of the best cardiologist in India. This is the case of a lady, aged 50 years, who was suffering from cardiomyopathy, where in the heart enlarges and eventually fails; and her heart was failing by all standards. Her 2-D echo of the heart revealed an ejection fraction of just 15%. She was barely able to move. She was literally under house arrest... rather room arrest, as even moving slightly caused her to feel as if she was going to die. The cardiologist had warned the family members that if the heart transplant was not opted for, she would hardly live for a few months.
Accepting to treat such a case in our initial days of practice was a challenge. We had not read of any such case being cured. Being absolutely sure of our homoeopathic principles, we took up this challenge. Slowly and gradually she started improving. She improved so well that she became absolutely normal! We even stopped her homoeopathic medication. Today, after stopping even our treatment for 15 years, she is still alive and active. Recently she even shouldered the responsibility of looking over the marriage preparation of her grand son. A woman, who was given only 2 to 3 months to live if she did not go through a heart transplant, is still alive with the same heart!

We think 15 years is more than sufficient time to prove the credibility of a cure. In her testimonial Mrs. C. K. writes...

I wish to say that in the past when I had heart problem and was quite disheartened, your homoeopathy treatment and the utmost care taken by you gave me a new life. At present I am living a normal life and doing all routine work. I do not feel any pain in heart which was so weak that my Ejection Fraction had gone down to 15%; but after your treatment it raised to a healthy 45%.
Sir, even after stopping your homoeopathic medicine I am living life happily. For this I shall remain highly obliged to you and homoeopathic treatment with no side effects.
I, therefore, wish and hope that patients with similar diseases will surely benefit with your homoeopathic treatment as I have experienced.
Thank you very much.

Autism, ADHD, ADD and Dyslexia

AutismJust the mention of the word Autism sends shivers down the spine of parents. If we use the dreaded word traumatic it would not be an exaggeration. Parents run from pillar to post, from therapist to therapist but a cure usually eludes them. Autistic spectrum disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia etc. have a curative answer. CHRC © has been researching to find a curative solution to this and we have been successful. It is not as easy as it sounds but it is not impossible. Hard work and dedication have always brought in the best results for us. We share with you a testimonial, a Success story written by the parents who had been handed over this dreadful diagnosis of Autism for their son.

Mrs. A. P., his mother writes:

My concern for the health of my first son began when he was about one and half years and not speaking a single word, not even responding to his name being called. Initially, family members dismissed my concern citing the fact that some boys are late starters. But, by the time he was two years old we had been introduced to a medical term for his condition – 'Autism'. Initially we just could not understand what it meant.... it was not mental retardation but still not curable. It was explained to us as a 'condition' and not a disease and so began our quest for a cure for this incurable condition.
We initiated Occupational and Speech Therapy at different Centres on different days of the week. We were lucky in getting him admission in Gundecha Education Academy as this school supports inclusive education for special children. We went to different well known doctors and even got duped and ended up losing a considerable amount of money.
By the time my son was 3, we were desperate. There was very little progress in his condition. He was still not speaking; his toilet training had not even begun. His symptoms were more clearly visible – spinning, hand flapping, putting things in a row, no eye contact and no communication, etc. We were worried for his future. Who would take care of him after us? Having another baby seemed to be the only option.
Due to repeated allergies that I suffered I was informally referred to Dr. Prasad Shetye by my gynecologist. An year after that I started taking medicines for my son at the age of 4 years and 2 months. By this time his symptoms were obvious to all. The first effect of homeopathic medicines was toilet training. He started indicating to us when he wanted to go to the toilet. It was a great progress for us all. Life became a bit easier. Slowly he started responding to basic commands, followed by recognizable words.
Our happiest moment was when he won the 3rd position in MaRRS Spelling Bee at the National level at the age of 6 and half years. For a child who, till the age of 4, was unable to respond to his name, this was nothing short of miracle!!
Life today is beautiful with two healthy boys. No one can believe that my son once had Autism. His grades in school are good in all subjects and he interacts with all his friends like any other normal kid.
I wish to thank Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni for giving me that initial push to start homeopathic medicines for my son. I am grateful to them for giving my son a normal life, for a life full of happiness and a promise of a beautiful tomorrow. Heart felt thanks.
God bless you both!

For a child labeled as Autistic, master P. P. is now normal as any other child. Not just that he is doing very good in his studies and extracurricular activities too. He participated in All India Karate championship and won a Silver and a Bronze medal... a remarkable achievement!

Infantile Eczema

This is a case of Infantile Eczema... the severity & amount of suffering requires no expressions when one looks at these photographs of eczema. Looking at those severe eczematous patches all over the body, one can imagine & perceive the pain & suffering of the baby & the kind of stress that the parents must have gone through. There was severe itching with oozing of discharge & blood. Understandably, the child was restless, crying, sleepless and had no appetite. After starting her on homoeopathic treatment, she steadily improved & got better. Her eczema has disappeared & she is a healthy, happy child; but it wasn't that simple! On our side as homoeopaths, it involved sheer hard work & application of our skill & ability. Yes! The wonderful outcome is there for everyone to see!!

Cure for Infantile Eczema

The child's mother's testimonial of the experience that she went through...


She came into our life on 5th August 2000. A blonde haired chubby girl looked like an angelic doll. By begining or mid November I was with her in Dr. Falguni's clinic day in and day out for the next four years. It took me a few months to accept the condition my baby was suffering. When I had decided to do homoeopathic treatment with Dr. Falguni, the first few days went in a lot of turmoil. I had done a lot of research on this illness (Infantile Eczema) and had spoken to my childrens' pediatrician; on his advice and he was honest enough to tell me that there was nothing in allopathy for Infantile Eczema other than putting steroids and making the baby comfortable... he told me that... "Seeing the child with my experience, I think eventually we have to put her on oral steroids. So I would advise you to try your homoeopath if she says she can cure it; and according to me this condition eventually transfers from the skin to the lungs and in severe cases the children turn asthmatic. So I would want you to go and try your doctor if you are confident; but most surely I will keep track on the child as she grows, crossing her various milestones." And believe me, both the doctors, Dr. Falguni and Dr. Ambdekar kept communicating with each other as she grew. So I can say I was blessed to have a genuine senior pediatrician who very honestly accepted the limitation of his field of medicine. After deciding on going with homoeopathy with Dr. Falguni there has not been a day where doctor has lost her clam when I have made calls to her, sometimes in the middle of the night and all through the day many times. She would listen patiently and never get angry at my nervousness, my impatience, my fears and lack of knowledge but also my concern. There have been many months of sleepless nights where my mother-in-law and my help "Pyari" have bounced her to sleep on the bouncer completely clothed head to toe. I am not mentioning my husband as he was there with me with her through the night, thick and thin. There were occasions when people... strangers have come up to me from my neighborhood giving me advice to go to an allopath. Now the same strangers come and ask me what treatment we did.
Trust your health to Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni and you will never regret. I'm a living example of a mother whose child has turned from an angelic doll to a beautiful loving girl.
Love you for all you have done doctor.

Mickey Mouse Kidney

Just the mention of the word Autism sends shivers down the spine of parents. If we use the dreaded word traumatic it would not be an exaggeration. Parents run from pillar to post, from therapist to therapist but a cure usually eludes them. Autistic spectrum disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia etc. have a curative answer. CHRC © has been researching to find a curative solution to this and we have been successful. It is not as easy as it sounds but it is not impossible. Hard work and dedication have always brought in the best results for us. We share with you a testimonial, a Success story written by the parents who had been handed over this dreadful diagnosis of Autism for their son.
After going through the case thoroughly, we started on homoeopathic treatment. She was treated solely with homoeopathic medicine & recovered beautifully in the most gentle & rapid way... She was no more missing her school.

Along with our homoeopathic treatment, parents were advised to make certain fundamental changes in her diet. They attended our 'Appetite for Change' workshop to understand that food matters and the result was fantastic.

Her urine test report done on 17-09-2013 revealed...

Albumin: Nil, Pus cells: 4-5, Bacteria: Few. She is still under our care & is doing extremely well.

All through my pregnancy I prayed and made infinite vows in various churches for a baby girl. God granted me my wish but just about... things were far from fine.
My baby had her first severe urinary infection when she was just 40 days old. Her skin was flushed red and she was crying and moaning in an effort to pass urine. With a pus count of over 100, she was immediately put on a five day course of antibiotics; but about two weeks later she had another infection and the pattern followed... Infection, Urine culture test, a course of antibiotics, and two-three weeks later same story.. not to mention painful renal scans at Hinduja Hospital.
When she was seven years old however, in the month of August, she came home from school and collapsed with severe pain in the right side of the abdomen. She was rushed to the hospital. Her right kidney had swollen beyond recognition; and functioning only at 12% instead of 50%. Her doctors informed us that if her right kidney had a less than 8% functioning, it would require that the kidney to be removed! A four hour surgery was conducted. During the post-operative period Leah was in extreme pain and came home with a draining tube hanging out of her right side. Antibiotics were taken everyday.
Eighteen months post-surgery, the urine infections started to re-occur. Leah was put back on antibiotics every day. However the episodes of urinary infections regularly continued. Doctors suggested we accept it as a health hazard. She was advised a 'very small dosage' of antibiotic every single day. We did as advised without realizing the long term damage it was doing to her young body...just so long as she felt better.
In 2010 we noticed that the number of antibiotics she was sensitive to had largely decreased in number. At one point, she was resistant to ALL antibiotics and the only one she was sensitive to was in an injectable form. That's when we realized that we need urgent medical intervention... We had to try something else... anything!!In a last ditch attempt we considered an alternative treatment such as Homoeopathy.
Dr. Falguni's name was suggested to us by a close friend. We wanted a quick fix and everyone knows Homoeopathy is so slow; but we were desperate... so we took the plunge.
On starting Homoeopathic treatment, Leah very slowly but surely improved. For the first time since she was three weeks old, she was completely off allopathic medicine. The infections came, but doctor's medicines took care of it right from the word go as she had assured us. She does occasionally feel a slight burning sensation but the medicine always takes care of it.
Her pathology reports have been completely normal.
To date Dr. Falguni is ONLY concerned with my child's health... has a single minded focus to getting her healed. I remember her in my prayers every single day and thank the lord that inspite of my reservations, good sense prevailed.


Dear Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni,
It all started with a itch on my lower left leg. Treating it as some harmless skin allergy, I ignored it for sometime. Eventually due to its continual persistence I resorted to an allopathic topical ointment.
It had been four months and to my dismay the affected area had turned black and still itched. Without a doubt I knew I was suffering from some chronic skin problem. I knew I couldn’t afford to wait any longer. My mind had started going into panic mode and I knew it needed immediate attention. My body was sending me messages and I was ignoring them.
I commenced treatment with CHRC immediately. Dr. Falguni and Dr. Prasad in their usual self assured calm demeanor comforted me that I was going to be OK !! I knew that I was in good hands. What I didn't know was I would need to be extremely patient over the next one year.
Over the month, the eczema started spreading like wild fire. Eventually, it started oozing a fluid, which smelled so strong that it felt like my leg was decaying. My skin looked like it was decomposing. I had to quit my job and be at home. My left leg was covered with eczema, from my knee to my foot. The sight was ghastly and frightening. I was scared. My world had crashed.
I was broken but mostly I was hyper ventilating and hysterical with what was happening to me. I kept on frantically meeting and calling Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni and somewhere in my heart stopped believing I was going to get any better.
I was mentally exhausted and physically drained. For 5 months I was restricted to my bed, since my foot was swollen beyond recognition. I had given up hope and resigned to my fate.
It had been a year of vacillating between non-belief and hysteria and doubting my decision to opt for homeopathic treatment.
This state of my illness had its repercussions on my family members too. My husband was extremely disturbed and stressed and my son constantly worried about my health.
My husband tried convincing me to go to an allopathic doctor but I knew somehow things were going to turn around.
I thought I had come to a dead end. However unknown to me the medicine was cleaning up my body of all the abuse I had inflicted on it over the past 45 years. My food habits, my lifestyle and the continual work stress that I lived with were to blame. Soon my skin stated showing sign of recovery. The liquid dried up and the crusty skin scabs Eczemastarted falling off. My skin was healing and so was my body and mind.
Today, my skin has almost recovered from its trauma and is on its way to getting completely healthy.
Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni have held my hand through my journey with a no nonsense attitude, not giving in to my hysteria. They were the pillars of strength and their confidence eventually became mine.
Most importantly they educated me on food and nutrition ... and how critical it is to our well being that we do not take our bodies for granted.
With their treatment I am in a happier space today. I feel healthier, emotionally calmer and my energy levels are up and I owe all of that to their commitment and passion to homoeopathy.
Thank you CHRC. My heartfelt gratitude to both Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni.

Fissure in ano and Piles NEW

I had been suffering from anal fissures for about 4 years…in 2011 the matter got much worse… I would eat only bananas and sip laxatives throughout the day… I decided to undergo surgery… During the surgery the surgeon decided to conduct a hemorrhoidectomy on top of the fissurectomy.
After the surgery my life turned into a horrible nightmare. The wound would not heal and I ended up with a second fissure caused by the surgery. I was in unbearable pain every single day of my life … The doctor kept on adding and changing creams, pain killers, laxatives, antibiotics, anti inflammatories … but with no relief for me. I was psychologically destroyed by the pain and the uncertainty of the treatment. I had lost 10 Kgs in a over two months … I had no energy to live and I felt like a corpse … I visited several doctors, specialists and had all sorts of intrusive tests, CTC scans, etc. Many suggested a second surgery…
At that point I got introduced to Dr. Khariwala and CHRC. … I followed her diet and took the medicines. … The initial effects were of feeling emotionally and psychologically strong as well as general well being. I started eating solid food, I went back to work and I would really take care of my health. In 6 months the pain had reduced drastically… My attitude towards food and life changed completely. Almost 3 years later I can say that CHRC's treatment and workshops were a truly life changing experience for me. Not only I have a pain free life now, I have also eliminated other chronic ailments I had been carrying for years: a bad skin rash on my face that would appear once a year and leave only after 6 months of antibiotics; warts; chronic sore throat; white discharge; regular loose motions. I have not touched an antibiotic or even a pain killer in 3 years. I have simply stopped begin unwell and my immunity system has become much stronger.
My experience has made me build full trust and confidence in Classical Homeopathy. I now truly believe that this particular medical science can cure any disease.

Chronic Malaria NEW

strong immunityMy son has been under Dr. Falguni’s supervision for his allergies, through his rickets and through his chronic malaria. He would frequently suffer from common cough and cold at every weather change. With doc’s medicine and regime, he is totally out of this and did not fall ill during January 2014 wherein weather in Mumbai underwent major changes and children all around us fell prey. His immunity has definitely boosted. Also he suffered from high fever (104 degree upwards) every September ... The amazing part was not only that he is out of this suffering now under Dr. Falguni; the amazing part is her diagnosis and prognosis of the same.
With Dr. Falguni’s persistent guidance, we have been successful in deleting aerated water, colored drinks, chips, Kurkure and other common junk among children from his life. He is seven now and is completely aware of health hazards caused by consuming such food items. We attribute this to relentless advice /guidance (even warnings) by Doc.
My wife and I thank her for making our son healthy and capable to lead a healthier and happier life.