“Two roads diverged on a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”
… Robert Frost

Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni are consulting classical homoeopaths and are the Directors of CHRC ©. They chose the path laid down in the Organon by their Master Dr. Hahnemann… a path that seems to be the less travelled one. Their ability to dream and perseverance to realize that dream has resulted in the birth of ‘Classical Homoeopathic Research Centre©‘ (CHRC ©) and that of ‘NESTTM – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Programe’. At CHRC ©, they meet challenges every day in the form of treating highly pathological cases. It is like walking on water… the secret is in knowing where the stones are!! (Read Success Stories)

Both are Classical Hahnemannian in their thought, word and deed as far as homoeopathy and life is concerned. They tirelessly work to raise the standard of homoeopathy to its rightful place. They share their experience wholeheartedly and are loved by their students. Very vocal against speculative homoeopathy, they have done in-depth research into Dreams, Diet and Regimen, Craving, Aversion, Aggravation and Amelioration and the so called Dr. Hering’s law. To share their insight with colleagues all over the world, they have written series of seven articles that were published in Homoeopathic LINKS – International Journal for Classical Homoeopathy. Publishing Newsletter Homoeopathy First was their earnest expression of commitment towards homoeopathy. They run yearly ‘The Quantum Leap International Training Program in Classical Homoeopathy’ for doctors and interns from India and abroad. Dr. Prasad lucidly unfolds Organon and Dr. Phatak’s Materia Medica that is delight to listen.

Dr. Falguni is known for her wit and anecdotes to make a student understand an intricate point. Through this Training Program they illustrate Organon, making Organon come alive!!

Both Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni have been invited abroad to give Seminars. They have conducted series of Seminars in Mumbai, Nashik, Goa and Pune that are very well received. They share their experience wholeheartedly and are loved by their students.

This beautiful poem by the mystic Zen master Chaung Tsu is the reflection of their approach to their profession and life…

Easy is right,
Begin right and you are easy,
Continue easy and you are right.
The right way to go easy is to forget the right way
and forget that the going is easy.