Don’t FOOL yourself !

Today, every family has at least one member suffering from lifestyle diseasesdiabetes, hypertention, high cholesterol and lipids, coronary artery disease have become common household names! According to WHO, One in four Indians above the age of 30 runs the risk of dying from these lifestyle diseases!!!

The moment you are diagnosed with, for example diabetes, you accept that now you have to live with diabetes!

Then starts the whole struggle…in order to get over these dreaded diseases, you end up taking medicines as food. The entire exercise is about keeping the ‘levels within normal limits’. You start feeling happy that everything is under control.

What you don’t realise is that your doctor hasn’t done anything to reverse and cure your disease! As the root cause remains unaddressed, disease keeps progressing and creating complications 24 x 7 SILENTLY.

So we say that stop fooling yourself that everything is under control! No, it’s NOT !!

The fact is, you have spent your hard earned money and ended up living with the disease.

At CHRC, we have reversed these lifestyle diseases through proper homoeopathic treatment and NEST – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program for many.

If so many have successfully overcome their diseases, you too can !

 You can register for our upcoming event FREEDOM from SUFFERING and get the proper     guidance and help for self or for your dear ones.

The fact that you aren’t where you want to be, should be enough motivation!