“Discipline is more valuable than talent.”

NESTTM – Advanced Nutrition Program is open to the participants of NESTTM – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program, who have shown us their commitment towards their Health by adhering to the prescribed Food Plan when on the Reversal Program and thereafter during the evaluation period.

NESTTM – Advanced Nutrition Program takes one further on the road to recovery so as to make the reversal complete. It is an opportunity to change. The measure of Health is Happiness; and through Advanced Nutrition Program we demonstrate to the participants the essential steps.

It is a process to take the reversal that has been initiated, to its logical culmination in healing and happiness. It is important for participants to understand that NESTTM– Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program puts them on a road to recovery; in that it initiates the reversal process but it certainly does not mean that within a span of 4 months everything that was abnormal has reached normalcy. Rather with the pathological results standing proof, we demonstrate to them, how easy it is to reverse diseases. Once the participant has gone through this rewarding experience of being victorious over his/her disease, we need to take it further; for if one drops guard now, all the good that we have achieved will go waste!! This is the reason why we have envisioned our NESTTM – Advanced Nutrition Program.

NESTTM – Advanced Nutrition Program is for a year.

Salient features and Highlights of NESTTM – Advanced Nutrition Program.

  1. It takes one further into nutrition through 4 intense sessions spread over a period of one year through guided nutritional plan.

  2. Relevant and complete pathological evaluation.

  3. Demonstration of different nutritional recipes with additions and modifications to their food plan as they progress and become healthier … adding more healthful nutrients to further nourish and nurture them. Here the participants are taught how to reward themselves with healthful recipes and enjoy the nutritional value it is going to add to their bodies.

  4. We guide participants to make themselves and their families ecologically responsible.

  5. Session on relaxation and meditation is conducted to guide participants in leading spiritually harmonious life.

  6. As participants change for the better, they become a part of our Appetite for Change seminars. Through Appetite for Change, we share with people at large our latest research and there they can keep themselves up to date with the advances in orthomolecular medicine.

  7. We also share with them educative documentaries regarding healing by various researchers and scientists from all over the world.