Nutrition total

To further the benefit of our research into Orthomolecular medicine, we organize Nutrition total sessions for our patients.

Nutrition is a vitally important aspect in the process of getting your health back on track and thereafter in staying healthy. They say, “Prevention is better than cure” and this is the very foundation on which we have been working very hard for our patients.

Nutrition total is specifically designed to make patients aware of the various healthful choices that they can exercise as well as to educate them of the colossal harm that they do to themselves for the lack of knowledge. Remember, ‘What you eat, either makes you healthy or lays a foundation for diseases to grow … the choice is ALWAYS yours’!

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By now hundreds of patients have benefited immensely and that too in a very short period of time from various pathologies like Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Coronary Artery Disease, Liver cell failure, Thyroid function disorders etc. through our NESTTM – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program.

These sessions are eye openers. All patients, young and old, can benefit from Nutrition total. We encourage patients to be proactive.

“The best helping hand is at the end of your own arm.”

Your health is in your hands…so CHOOSE to CHANGE and see the miraculous betterment that awaits you!


  1. Deepa Bali
    This session was absolutely wonderful, an eye opener. I was living under such myths. Dr. Falguni and Dr Prasad opened up my eyes…..thankfully.

    Initially Dr. Falguni had told me the stuffs not to be consumed, I would always wonder why… I got all my questions answered. With this help now I can look after the health of my family.

    Thank you so Much Doctors.

  2. Ivy Nunes
    Very informative and educative. Learnt that fruits and vegetables provide all proteins, calcium etc required by us and we do not have to depend on chicken or fish for the same. Healthy Eating is Healthy Living.

  3. Namrata Agarwal
    This session was very informative. Cleared a lot of my questions for my daughter.

  4. Rajkumar Agarwal
    It was very good and mind opening about food we eat generally and what we should actually.

  5. Sneha Kapoor
    I’ve always been interested in knowledge about the right kind of food and sought information from multiple sources – the internet, dietitians, friends and many more. Today I realise that so much of the information that I have been exposed to has been wrong…this is shocking!!

    I’ve been inspired today to not only fully incorporate these teachings into my own life, but also teach my family and friends this knowledge. Hopefully, slow steps and one by one we can help our culture and consumer society come back to the original and natural goodness of nature.

    Kudos to Doctors Falguni and Prasad for coming up with this session and presenting this complex knowledge in a simple and easy to understand manner!! Thank you!

  6. Sonal Makwana
    Lots of new things came to know which I was not aware about. Thank you for detailing everything. Thank you.

  7. Soumyajit Niyogi
    Very much required for today’s life. Very exhaustive, interactive and simple. This session is essential; it should be taken along with medicine, as complimentary.

    The best thing about this session is, it can lead you a healthy and happy life free from diseases.