Open Forum is a platform ‘of the patients, for the patients’ to share the benefits of homoeopathy and to learn about homoeopathy. It is formed by very sincere, committed and warm people, who themselves are cured by classical homoeopathic treatment at CHRC © and are now wanting to extend it to many more people who are in search of an answer for their suffering but don’t know the way.

Over the period of years, in our day to day interaction with patients, we realised that though they have come to us with trust and hope of finding a permanent answer to their suffering, they are in total darkness about what homoeopathy is and how it is going to heal them. As a result of lack of awareness about this gentle yet powerful science, they would come with such misconceptions that it would actually act as hindrance in their treatment. There were so many important aspects of the disease and its treatment that they needed to know! That is how the idea of ‘Open Forum’ was conceived. Also, this inspired us to write ‘Insight Into Homoeopathy‘ to create awareness about health, disease and what homoeopathy can offer to cure various diseases.

Educative workshops and seminars are conducted to propagate and disseminate health and happiness through homoeopathy. Open Forum organised its first seminar in February 2002 at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, which was attended by about 175 people. Since then many more workshops and seminars have been conducted.

The most wonderful aspect of Open Forum is, that patients themselves come forward to share what wonders classical homoeopathic treatment can do; and it just reaches to the people in right spirit!