It’s World Down’s Syndrom day today!

On this occasion, we share with you testimonial by mother of a child having Down’s Syndrom.

Her mother’s verbatim …

Anya had come to Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni in a very bad state as she had suffered from Atlanto Axial Dislocation (AAD). She was advised surgery by other doctors and we were very concerned about our child going through this.

Fate made us meet Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni and we saw some amount of hope in the darkness we were going through. We were advised to join NEST – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program. I decided to go ahead with the Program as this was something very much needed for my child’s benefit. It was really tough during the beginning phase… but surprisingly, over a period of time, she got used to the food she was given and all of us at home have started eating the healthy recipes shared with us. The food is not only healthy, it is also very tasty which we realized only after we shed our inhibitions and started removing the blocks from our mind.

Anya has shown tremendous progress after her treatment has started with Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni. The food plan has been an added positive benefit to her health and our lifestyle.

Honestly speaking, we had always felt that we are eating healthy food at home; but this Program has taught us many things otherwise.

A very strong recommendation of this Program from my end is sure and certain. It really has been a life changing experience for the better. And I now believe that nothing is impossible if we are positive and are open to accept changes. Anya, being an 8 year old child with Down’s Syndrome, has very beautifully accepted the good health given to her through this NEST – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program.”

Today Anya is a very happy child. Lot of her neck trauma has gone away. A child, who wouldn’t move even half a centimeter in bed, is taking 360 degree turns on the bed. From experiencing extreme pain, she is happily dancing now !