NESTTM Success Story

Are you a Diabetic or are you suffering from Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol and high triglycerides)? Has your disease escalated in severity in spite of continuous allopathic medication with associated complications of obesity, coronary artery disease, renal parenchymal disease (kidney failure), etc.? Have you been given a poor prognosis of your disease? If the answer to all these questions is Yes! then you need to think!… think, as to what is it that you are doing to help yourself? Is life long medication the only answer to your ailments? Are you feeling sick and unwell inspite of following all the advise by your physician? Do you desire a permanent solution to your ailment?

Since the last 12 years at CHRC © we have been researching to find the most effective answer to these ailments. Our research has given us the insight into reversing Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Coronary Artery disease, Obesity and Renal parenchymal disease to initial stages of Cancer.

Through our NESTTM – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program we have been able to successfully reverse long standing highly pathological diseases and disorders and restore health and happiness to all these patients who have come knocking at our door for a permanent cure.

Read through few of the testimonials of patients who have had curative results at CHRC © and have gone through our NESTTM – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program.

Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Obesity, CRP positive NEW

Mrs. Nivedita Kumar
Age: 52 years
She was suffering from high blood pressure since 5 years and was taking tablet Telac 40 mg daily. Also, she had high Cholesterol, Obesity and her CRP was positive (24).

Taking Homoeopathic medicine and joining NEST - Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program completely transformed her.

Within 4 months, her cholesterol dropped from 247 to 189, LDL from 173 to 133 and CRP from 24 to 12 which is negative.

Her testimonial...

“My journey started with a mixed feeling but I knew that somewhere I needed to correct my lifestyle.Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, CRP positive, obesityI was on B. P. pills and my weight was in 80's. When I started with NEST - Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program there were challenges of work time, home etc. … attending session every Friday means taking off from office. Yes, it is possible if you give equal importance to your health and ‘yourself’. Yes, this is what I learnt in my first session along with other healthy things. Another important thing I learnt was plan your food, the way we plan our work.
Over these sessions, every aspect of healthy life was explained so well and in simple language that I could understand and adapt very easily in my life … I could correct myself at so many places. During the journey of 3 months I not only reduced my weight by 10 kgs, but my blood pressure came in control and I was off the pills in just 2 weeks’ time. This is the power of ‘NEST’ … I wish I could have started much earlier ! Why to wait for something to happen and then look for a cure ? Adopt a healthy lifestyle so that all the pain and suffering can be avoided.
I believe what Dr. Falguni and Dr. Prasad say 'Food as Medicine'. This good food has improved my life so much that it has made me calmer. Even my family feels happy about the changes in me. I feel energetic and healthy. Even at this age, people around me started complementing me for my changed appearance … That was a Bonus !
Thank you for all your efforts Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni. You have put your heart, efforts and time in this program to make our lives healthier.
A BIG thank you !! If at all I write my autobiography, you will be on my first page.”

Insulin dependent Diabetes (Type 2) since 45 years...Insulin free in 7 weeks! NEW

Mr. Purshotam Choudhary Age: 68 years
Diabetes type 2Diabetic (Type II) since 43 years.
On 30 units insulin for over 30 years, plus 7 anti-diabetic tablets daily.
High Blood Pressure and Dyslipidemia.
He felt weak and tired even on walking 1 Km.

He joined NEST – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program.

Diabetes Type 2
His testimonial:

… In just 4 months time, my diabetes is under control. I was taking 30 units of insulin, which has been totally stopped and my blood sugar level has come down to 120 - 125 level without insulin.
I am feeling very much energetic. I never had so much of fruits and fruit juices, which I am consuming now a days. The entire food program has become my daily routine.
I thank from the bottom of my heart Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni for their guidance, mental support and treatment. No other Doctor will dare to suggest to stop insulin, drink so much of fruit juices for a diabetic patient; but Dr. Prasad has done a miracle !! I will suggest each and every friend of mine who is having any problem to only take the treatment from such a nice doctor. Their behaviour is also very nice and co-operative. Their method of treating the things is excellent. Lot of my friends are also very much astonished to see the result in me.
… I still do not believe that such a miracle can happen in one’s life, but after I have done the Program, I am of the opinion that anything can happen, only the determination is required.

Diabetes (Type 2), Hyperlipidemia, Kidney stones NEW

A case of Diabetes (Type II), High Cholesterol, Kidney stones

Ardip Rathod    Age: 32 years

Diabetes type 2

Destiny had been very kind to him by guiding him to CHRC. He came for kidney stones problem, but looking at him, he was advised certain investigations which he did very reluctantly, thinking they are unnecessary. It was a BIG SHOCK for him when results came in.

He was Diabetic (Type II) with HbA1c : 8.1%
S. Triglycerides: 422
Pre-Beta lipoprotein and Beta lipoprotein: High
HDL: low
Apolipoprotein (a): 8.7
S. Homocysteine: 42.95 (Normal : 5.46 to 16.2 Umol/L).

His USG revealed Fatty infiltration of liver and Kidney stones – two stones in right kidney and one in left kidney.

Here he and his wife have shared their experience on doing the reversal program.

“BIG THANKS to Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni for NEST – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program. It has made 360⁰ change in the way I see life! This program has brought immense joy to my life. It prevented and saved me from so many problems which I was not aware also! This program is much more than about regaining health.
His wife’s verbatim,
“… within a month on the program, there was a different glow on his face. By the end of four months, he was looking much younger in age than earlier. He started eating well and yet lost 14 kg weight! He is energetic and motivated. His HbA1c dropped from 8.1% to 5.9%. His other reports have improved as well. A big thank you to Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni for enrolling us onto this program.”

Coronary Artery Disease with Type 2 Diabetes NEW

Coronary Artery DiseaseDiabetic since 4 years, he came for the consultation in November 2015, within days of suffering from heart attack. He was advised CABG, but he opted for Homoeopathic treatment at CHRC instead.
He was taking the following allopathic medicines.
Tab. Glimi SR, Ecosprin, Clopid 75, Atorvas 80, Pan D, Ramipril 2.5, Metroprolol 25.

Coronary artery diseaseCoronary angiography showed multiple coronary artery blockages.
Circumflex artery: 100% blocked
LM (Left Main Coronary artery): 90% to 95% blocked at various places.
RCA(Right Coronary artery): 50-60% blocked
On the NEST – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program, a complete reversal happened in a short span of 6 months. All anti-diabetic, anti hypertensive medicines and Statins have been stopped.CAD

His testimonial…

“I had heart attack and my diabetes was high. There was chest pain and breathing problem. In the begining, I was at home, taking rest and going to garden and sitting. I was afraid to walk outside.
During Reversal Program, Doctors advised me on food-plan and medicine, which benefitted me. My diabetes came down slowly and I lost weight. Now there is no chest pain.
I have stopped all allopathic medicines
Earlier, on eating cucumber, tomatoes and grapes, I would suffer from breathing problem, but now I am able to eat.
I am very thankful to Dr.s for their guidance. I am now feeling normal.
I enjoyed the food-plan with very different variety of food and juices to drink.”

He still remains under our treatment for CAD and we plan to investigate his coronary artery status at appropriate time to document the reversal.

Diabetes Melitus (Type 2) NEW

Diabetes Type 2

Mrs. Manisha Joshi (Age: 39 years)

She was suffering from Diabetes (Type – II) since 8 years. Her suffering was immense in spite of taking antidiabetic tablets. At the time of consultation, her investigations revealed …HbA1c: 11.70% (Mean Blood Sugar : 339 mg/dl)

Blood Sugar Fasting: 222 mg/dl
Blood Sugar Post lunch: 195 mg/dl (with anti-diabetic medication.)

She was on verge of starting insulin injections due to such uncontrolled diabetes. She was suffering from tremendous weakness as a result of this; and was finding difficult to get up in the morning. There were times when she had severe cramps in the feet, forcing her to sit wherever she was, even on the road! She could reach home only with the help from people. She didn’t feel like laughing and enjoying due to such severe health problems.

At the end of 4 months of NEST – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program, her investigation revealed outstanding results !

Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes (Type 2) and Dyslipidemia NEW

Diabetes Type 2 High triglycerides

Mr. S. Nayak (age: 45 years)

This patient was already under our care for psoriasis when we diagnosed him as suffering from Type II Diabetes 6 years back. Faulty lifestyle being the root cause, we had advised him to join the NEST – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program. He refused, as he was not ready for the change (to healthy lifestyle); but, more he resisted, more it persisted.

His blood sugar levels were steadily rising, till one fine day he decided to join the Program. Also, he was putting on weight and unable to lose it inspite of his best efforts. His Triglycerides were high and he had a Fatty degenerative changes in his liver.

Since the time he has joined the NEST – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program, wonderful things have happened to him with blood tests showing fantastic improvement.
Diabetes Type 2 High triglyceridesToday, he has lost 7 kg of weight and has embraced healthy lifestyle to discover the new self!

Here is his verbatim …

January seems to have exposed to a world of shedding weight and discovering a newer way of cooking and eating. Key paradigms challenged … important being “oil in diet”, “fruits can energise” and “what can be replaced”. Sprouts, soups and salads are a welcome addition. The fruit smoothie and pulp is yet to be befriended with; and appears still to be a minor challenge. Millets have been rediscovered in the daily bread.
Dr. Falguni & Dr. Prasad have done a lot of homework and are able to hold everyone’s attention in the sessions.
After 4 months, the flab is recognisably low, though needs some more to go; and weight is lower. This could make the path for a fitter next journey easier.

Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Hyperlipidemia

Mrs. B. J. Age: 46 years (Delhi) – Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Hyperlipidemia

We appreciate her commitment to get well as she kept to her promise of maintaining our Reversal Program schedule. She was Diabetic since 3 years. In just 3 weeks her blood sugar had become normal and we were able to stop her anti-diabetic medicine. Even her Glycosylated Hb has become normal suggesting optimal control of her blood sugar levels. At the conclusion of the Reversal Program her Fasting blood sugar was 91 and Post lunch was 96mg/dl!! Her lipid profile which was abnormal has become absolutely normal. She lost 5 kgs. of weight. She feels energetic, happy and healthy. Her husband, a well known Chartered Accountant expressed, "Drs. you do miracles. Your dedication is praise worthy. I have never seen my wife so happy and healthy. You have made her younger by many, many years in just 12 weeks!! Your Reversal Program is incredible. You should not be charging so meager a price; please add one more '0' in the end. That should be the charge for such a beautiful program... that is its real worth!"

Test results at the start of the NEST © - Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program:
Cholesterol 229mg/dl, Triglycerides 175mg/dl, Blood Sugar Fasting 139mg/dl, Blood Sugar PP 151(with antidiabetic medication)

Test results at the conclusion of the NEST © - Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program:
Cholesterol 166mg/dl, Triglycerides 121mg/dl, Blood Sugar Fasting 91mg/dl, Blood Sugar PP 96mg/dl (without antidiabetic medication)

In her own words...

I joined NEST - Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program in Dec. 2012. As I started following the program, slowly I was able to stop all my allopathic tablets for Diabetes; and now I am only on Homoeopathic medicine. I reduced my weight from 80 kg. to 73 kg. i.e. 13 kgs effortlessly!! Now I am doing their Advance Nutrition Program. I am actually feeling very healthy and comfortable within. My allopathic medicine for hypothyroidism has been stopped. After following all instructions given during the NEST Program and following the Food- Plan, I am really feeling very fresh!! Earlier I would find it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning; now I get up refreshed! As I lost considerable weight on doing this Program, I started getting lots of compliments from people around. This really made me feel very happy; and due to that I started experiencing positive energy and my health really improved. I personally feel that before doing NEST Reversal Program, I didn't know what are healthy food habits; but after doing the program, I have learnt the correct method of preparing and cooking healthy food!
I am extremely grateful to Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni as due to their NEST - Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program, I have got the gift of health!!

Diabetes Melitus (Type 2)

Mr. L. A. Age: 44 years (Thane) – Diabetes Melitus
Diabetes type 2A Vice President of a Multi National Company, he has been a Diabetic since the last 15 years. In spite of being on antidiabetic tablets, his fasting blood sugar was 175 mg/dl and post-lunch blood sugar was 202 mg/dl.
His Glycosylated (HbA1C) was 8.30 %. Within just 4 months, we were able to stop his all antidiabetic tablets and his fasting blood sugar has drooped to 141 mg/dl. His post-lunch blood sugar has plummeted to 130 mg/dl which is normal !! His Glycosylated (HbA1C) has come down to 7.40%.
He has lost 10 kgs. weight.
The tired feeling and longing for rest has disappeared. He looks fit and feels energetic.

This is his Testimonial:

I was diabetic since 15 years, and tried various medicines, diet programs and exercise regime to control my blood sugar levels. I decided to join NEST; and to our surprise and expectation, my blood sugar started dropping to absolute normal level within matter of four months. Both doctors busted the myth of healthy food and life style. This was real eye-opener for me and my family. I lost around 10 kgs within four months and all my allopathic medicines were stopped. The NEST is creating wonder for me and I am completely on path of healthy lifestyle. I thank Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni for developing this wonderful program and will be grateful to them throughout my life for giving us opportunity to attend the same. Apart from me, my family (wife and 14 years old son) also benefited by following the food plan. I thank you Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni once again and God bless you!!

Hyperlipidemia, Obesity

Mrs. M. M. Age: 39 – Hyperlipidemia, Obesity
She came to consult us for "lacking in immunity, in strength and in concentration". She was overweight and was suffering from Hyperlipidemia. In her words, "I gained position, money but NO health". On our suggestion, she joined NEST © - Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program and what she gained was phenomenal! She lost 20 kgs of weight from the start of the treatment. Her cholesterol, LDL, homocysteine became normal.

Year 2013 will always be a memorable year in the history of my lifetime. With the help and support of Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni, today I am a person who is changed completely physically and psychologically. Your kind support and guidance has not only systemized our daily living but also has made us understand the importance of food and correctness of cooking.
After joining the reversal program on 9th august 2013, my unruly life has become timetabled and organized. Dear doctors with your in-depth research and experience, the perfectly designed reversal program has helped me in every periphery of all my undiagnosed aliments. I am fortunate to have received medicine, knowledge and mental uplift under one roof without any pain, struggle and desperation.
Every session conducted for us has been a great example of devotion and dedication towards us. The initiative you have taken to cure is palpable. Your guidance and knowledge sharing has cured us for a lifetime!!
This unforgettable experience has transformed our lives entirely and we no longer feel ordinary, rather celebrities with a purpose due to your organic yet medicinal touch."

All in all, along with homeopathic medicine, with NEST © - Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program we have not only succeeded in getting her well fast, but also in educating her how to stay well!

Diabetes, Obesity, Hyperlipidemia, Recurrent Abscesses

Mr. N. M. Age: 39 – Diabetes, Obesity, Hyperlipidemia, Recurrent Abscesses
An entrepreneur had a very painful suffering since many years. He was getting huge recurrent abscesses and had tried everything possible without any success. He was obese, diabetic and was also suffering from Hyperlipidemia. Along with homoeopathic medicine, he was put on NEST © - Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program; and to know what miraculous transformation happened

From the bottom of my heart, words cannot express how truly blessed and thankful I am to be treated by you both. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
Words cannot describe how appreciative I am for you sharing your research, wisdom, care, and patience. I am so grateful to the almighty that I came across humans like you. You both are life savers and incomparable! Thank you so much, I have never ever felt better!
I entered your clinic in reluctance, thinking that I am healthy, but only with a very severe acne/ boil/ pilonidal cyst/ abscess which was already operated on.
With my pre-notions about homoeopathic medicine, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that this was the path to cure of illness, pain and suffering. However, meeting you changed all that and now I am truly enjoying this actual healthy life style.
For approx 12 to 13 years I treated myself with courses of antibiotics and steroids but to no avail. NEST has done a world of GOOD in 4 months. My eruptions are less, less painless, less smelly. Also with the abundance of energy, spruce and trim. I am able to work full time with concentration, on a daily basis, in a high powered and demanding job situation.
All my life non-vegetarian food has been a part of my diet, but now looking at the same gives me the creeps and this is purely due to the knowledge shared by you. More over now the energy packed juice, pulp, and the delicious recipes by Dr. Falguni have become an integral part of daily meals. Due credit goes to my wife as she is the one who makes sure that all instructions given by you both are followed by me and the kids.
I am loving it !!!!!!!
Thank you Dr. Prasad & Dr. Falguni. I am truly blessed and fortunate to be your healthy-patient.

He has lost 19 kg of weight, he is no more diabetic. His blood sugar (F) is 98 mg% and blood sugar PP is 87 mg%. His glycosylated Hb is 5.7%. His tests reveal all earlier abnormal levels falling within normal limits.

Iridocyclitis, Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes

Mrs. S. S. Age: 44 years (Rajkot) – Iridocyclitis, Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes
A case of Iridocyclitis, this patient suffered from sudden blurring of vision of left eye in 2001. What followed there after was an unending torture for her. From the time she developed vision problem in 2001 till the date she consulted us in Feb. 2013, she had been running to the best of the ophthalmologist in Delhi, Gwalior and Mumbai. She was given steroid injections locally, but instead of getting better, she developed cataract and had to be operated for that. Then she underwent 'Viterectomy' surgery; and after one of the surgeries, she lost vision in left eye.

In 2010 steroid was withdrawn; but the damage was done and it was enormous... she had put on more than 25 kgs weight. She would get breathless on slightest exertion; but the worst was still to come... she became diabetic and hypertensive (High Blood Pressure). She developed secondary glaucoma. In 2010 she was hospitalized for kidney stones.

The impact of allopathic treatment on her health was disastrous with no end in sight. After going through all this, what she got at the end was loss of vision, and one of the best ophthalmologists in Mumbai advised her to learn to see the world with one eye!! Naturally she lost her confidence and became depressed. As a result of her sickness, obesity and eye problem, she started avoiding social interactions. Her career as a teacher and as a principal of a CBSC school was destroyed. It looked as if her life had changed for ever. After 12 years of continuous medication and multiple surgeries, her list of problems was growing and was far more serious; but after starting homoeopathic treatment at CHRC © and doing our NEST © – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program her life changed for better!

For so many years she had struggled to loose weight and spent lakhs on various dieticians and weight loss Programs, but she didn't loose even half kg!

After doing our NEST © – Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program, she is all smiles... "Flying in seventh heaven" in her words! She lost 20 kg of weight. She came down from 115.2 kg to 95 kg!! With her eyes filled with tears of happiness she very excitedly told us, now she could not only play badminton but could even pick up the shuttle cock from the ground! For her, an impossibility was easily overcome and surpassed.

Her blood pressure came down from 184/124 mm of Hg to 150/96 of Hg. Her blood sugar became normal and glycosylated Hb dropped from 7% to 6%. Her vision improved and can now read bold letters in News paper!! In all, she is healthy and happy today.

Firstly, lots and loads of thanks to both of my spiritual healers. Before coming in the lap of NEST I under went three eye surgeries. After my first surgery unfortunately due to low eye pressure the lens moved from its place. After a few months second surgery was performed to bring the lens back to its right place but gradually the left eye vision deteriorated. Finally a third surgery was performed for implantation of steroid but neither my vision improved nor my eye pressure.
The after effect of steroid took a toll on my health. Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Obesity, Low vision, low eye pressure. unable to walk, lack of confidence, deficiency of vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 had become a part of my life. I went to slimming centers, joined power yoga and took medicines but all these were a wild goose chase. I was in a solitary confinement. I lost my confidence. I avoided public meetings. Fortunately my sister suggested to join NEST and I reached there. This decision has changed my life miraculously.
Dr Prasad and Dr Falguni taught us the art of healthy living in healthy environment. They healed me from the inner core of heart. After only a month I lost 4 kg, my eye pressure increased, my vision improved, my Diabetes became normal, my Blood pressure became normal and very importantly my confidence. I used to wait anxiously for the NEST session to test my improvement level.
Now I walk 5 km, jump, laugh and I am living my life at the fullest!! All of this I got through nutritious juices and delicious recipes researched by Dr. Falguni.
The combination of homeopathy medicine, a nutritious food plan and a disciplined life style given by Dr Prasad and Dr Falguni has given me a reason to smile and I pray to God that patient like me should get under their shelter through their NEST - Lifestyle Disorder Reversal Program.

Hereditary Hyper-triglyceridemia

Mr. V. K. Age: 50 years (Pune) – Hereditary Hyper-triglyceridemia
He is a case of hereditary hyper-triglyceridemia, a condition where the Triglycerides in the blood remain at very high levels. There was a time when his Triglycerides had been 750 mg%. In the allopathic system of medicine there is no curative remedy for this condition and even if drugs are prescribed to reduce triglycerides, their side effects are enormous. On our Reversal Program, in just 4 months his Triglycerides have come down to 188 mg%. (Normal between 30 – 200 mg%). His serum Homocysteine was at dangerously high level and required urgent intervention on our side. After 4 months, his Homocysteine level is absolutely normal! They now enjoy their walks in Nature... and this is exactly what we work hard for.

In 2004, my lipid profile test showed horrible result. Cholesterol 235, triglycerides 750 etc. I used to repeat the tests after every 6 months and with some minor variation here and High triglyceridesthere, the reports were showing same results. In spite of strict diet & medicine, it always remained at higher level. I was always under tremendous tension and was not able to sleep peacefully. I used to snore, scream and shout in sleep.
In January 2013, I joined reversal program at CHRC. During the reversal program, Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni taught us what to eat? Why to eat? When to eat? How much to eat? They explained us how to use your food as a medicine. I followed their instruction and food plan meticulously.
After 6 weeks, I repeated the test and I could not believe the result. It was total turnaround. My TG came down to 219 from 650. Homocysteine came down from 48 to 8. When I saw the reports our joy knew no bounds. When I told the improved result to Dr. Prasad I could not control my emotions and my eyes were filled with tears of joy. This was the beginning of my tension free life.
Now I can find a visible difference in me. I no longer scream or shout in sleep. My snoring has also been considerably reduced. My weight has reduced. I feel fresh, energetic and active throughout the day. Now I am leading a fearless life.
I am falling short of words to express my gratitude to Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni. It is only because of them we are leading a healthy life.