In order to give our best to the patients staying abroad and out of Mumbai, CHRC © has kept dedicated slot specifically for On-line consultation and follow-up. The whole functioning is very systematic, simple and convenient. On-line consultation has proved to be boon for patients staying abroad and in India, giving them in-person consultation experience.

CHRC© Skype address

skype  chrc_dr.prasad
skype  chrc_dr.falguni


Appointment procedure and Precautions:

Firstly, you need to register with Skype and have a Skype address; thereafter send us a request for adding you in our contact list on our Skype id. Secondly, you have to send us a mail requesting for a Skype appointment. Please write your complete postal address with the pin code, state and country of residence. Mention your contact mobile number as well as the land line number with the area code. Also, mention your e-mail address and Skype address.

On the date of the scheduled appointment, you will have to be online at the specified time. Do not keep any engagements before or immediately after the appointment session. Preferably we like to interview the patient alone and without any interruptions for a period of 45 minutes. Please sit in a comfortable chair away from noise and away from any electromagnetic disturbance. Switch off your mobile and keep it away from the webcam mike as it causes magnetic disturbances. Please sit with all the notes, reports and a bottle of water. See that you are not disturbed for any reason what-so-ever. If you have children you are requested to have a caretaker to take care of them when the consultation is in progress. Request your spouse and/or parents to be around and at home if we want to interview them to learn about their inputs and observations.

Important: Test your equipment before you come online.

Please Note: An interview cannot be extended above 1 hr 15 minutes as there are multiple appointments and follow-ups scheduled through the day. You are requested not to overshoot the time. A maximum of 30 minutes over and above the 45 minutes are kept for consideration for any scheduled appointment.

Advice: It is always prudent to write down all your symptoms in detail before the scheduled appointment so that you don’t forget any important ailment.

Important: You will have to send us xerox copies of all your recent medical reports via courier to CHRC©. Your reports must reach us before the consultation.

With your request for appointment, details are sent through PDF.