M-1 Song of Drugs Acharya. A. R.
M-2 Bowel Nosodes Agrawal Y. R,
M-3 Materia-Media of the nosodes & X-ray Allen H. E.
M-4 A Primer of Materia-Medica Allen T. F.
M-5 New, Old & Forgotten Remedies Anshitz. E.P
M-6 First lessons in the symptomatology of leading homoeo Remedies Arndt. H. R.
M-7 Realistic Materia-Medica with Iharapatic Rep. Banerjee N. K.
M-8 Materia-Medica of Indian drugs Banerjee Prosad
M-9 Master Key to Homoeopathic Materia-Medica Bhanja . K. C.
M-10 Constitution : drug Picture and treatment Bhanja. K. C.
M-11 Potencies Bhardwaj. Harbans Lal
M-12 A Manual of Mat. Med. Therap. & Pharmacology Blackwood Aleseander. L.
M-13 The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler Boericke W. & Dewey
M-14 Children’s Jupes Borland Douglas. M.
M-15 The outlines of Mat-Med. & a Clincial dictionary Buck Henry
M-16 Gold as a Remedy in Disease Burnett. J. C.
M-17 Characteristic Materia Medica Burt. W . H.
M-18 Physiological Materia Medica Burt. W. H.
M-19 Biochernic system of Medicine-Mat-Med. & Rep Carey Gorge
M-20 Homoeo Drug Personalities with Therapatic Hints Chakraborty Anima
M-21 Ecpressive Drug Pictures of Hom. Mat. Medica Chauhan. R. K.
M-22 Skinner’s Grand Characteristics of the Mat-Med. Charke. J. H.
M-23 Radium as an Internal Remedy Clarke. J. H.
M-24 Therapatics of Serpent Poisons Clarke. J. H.
M-25 Gunpowder as a War Remedy Clarke. J. H.
M-26 A Text Book of Mat-Med. & Therapeatics Cowperthwaite
M-27 Pearts of Homoeopathy Douglas. M. E,
M-28 Lectures on Materia- Medica Dunham Canol
M-29 The Benelits of Bach flower Remedies Evans. Jane
M-30 A Clinical Materia Medica Faravington E. A.
M-31 Peculior& Characteristic Sgmptoms. Fayazuddin. M.
M-32 Arsenic – albam Fayazuddin. M
M-33 Kali- Mur in daily use Fayazuddin. M.
M-34 Kali- phos Fayazuddin. M.
M-35 Rhus-Tox. a Study Fayazuddin. M.
M-36 Carcinosin – a drug picture Forbister
M-37 The people of the Mat-Med world – A comp.mm. Gladwin. F . E
M-38 Drugs of Hindustan Gosh S. C.
M-39 Comparative Materia Medica Gross. H.
M-40 Key notes of materia. Medica Guernsey. Henry. N
M-41 Enajdopacdia of Homoeopathy. Gupta. B. Prasad
M-42 Characterestic  Materia- Medica Gupta D. das
M-43 A Text Book of Mat-Med. & Therap of Rare Hom. Romedies Hansen. Oscar
M-44 A Manual of Charmacodynamics Hughes Richard
M-45 A. Cydopadia of Dru Pathogenesis. (IV Vols) Hughes Richard
M-46 700 Red-line Symptons Hutchinson. J. W.
M-47 Materia-Medica of the Nosodes Julian. O. A.
M-48 Lectures on Hemoeop. Materia- Medica. Kent James. Jyler
M-49 Beginner’s Guide to Bach Hower Ramedies Krishnamurty. V.
M-50 Salient Mat. Med & Therapeuties Land. Cleave
M-51 Text-Book of Homoeopathic Mat- Medica. Lesser. Otto
M-52 Text-Book of Materia- Medica Lippe. A. D.
M-53 Key-notes & Redline Symptems of Mat – Med. Lippe. Addph. Von
M-54 Systematic Mat-Med of Hernoeo Remedies Mathur. K. N.
M-55 Constitution & Jemperament Mukherji R. K.
M-56 Twelve tissue Remedies Muller Jather
M-57 Luffa Operatata in Bronchial Asthma Patel Ramanlal
MM-58 The Bowel Nosodes Paterson. Johns
MM-59 Plain talks on Mat – Med. with Comparison Pierce. W. I.
MM-60 The Homoeopathic Mat – Med. How it should be stuided Puddephatt. Noel.
MM-61 Key to the Homoeopathic Mat- Med. Pulford
MM-62 Hom. Mat. Med. of graphic drug pectures.& clinical comments pulford
MM-63 Text-book of Hom. Mat- Med. Royal George
MM-64 Rademahcher’s Ybuversak & organ Remedies Ramseyer A. A.
MM-65 Synopsis on the Comparison of Rem of Hom. M M Rawat P. S.
MM-66 Homoeopathic Vade mecum Ruddock. E. H.
MM-67 Random notes on some Ramedies Sankaran. P
MM-68 Some notes on the Nosodes Sankaran. P
MM-69 Mat – Med of some important- Nosodes, Sarcodes,Bowel Nosodes, & Provings of  Penicillin, Chloromyition Sarkar B. K.
MM-70 Physician’s Posy Shepherd. Dorothy
MM-71 The Magic of Minimum Dose Shepherd Dorothy
MM-72 More Magic of Minimum Dose Shepherd Dorothy
MM-73 Graphic Pictures of selected Remedies Shinghal. J. N.
MM-74 Quick Bedside Prescriber Shinghal. J. N.
MM-75 Pocket Mat-Med of 1000 Redline Symptoms. Sinha Yadubir
MM-76 Hahnemannian Provings, A Mat-Med & Rep. Stephenson J.
MM-77 The Homoeopathic Materia- Medica Ieste. A.
MM-78 Homoeopathic Drug Pictures Jyler Margaret. L.
MM-79 The Essence of Homoeopathic Mat . Med. Vithoulkas. George