Ph-1 Symptoms & Totality of symptomes Agrawal. Y. R.
Ph-2 A Comparative study of the Chronic Miasms Agrawal. Y. R.
Ph-3 The dosc and repetition Agrawal Y. R.
Ph-4 A practical solution to potency problem Agrawal. Y. R,
Ph-5 The Chronic Miasmes and Preude-Psora Allen. J . H.
Ph-6 Chronic Diseases Vol – I & II. Allen
Ph-7 Hahamam’s Organes of Art of Healing restatedly Baldwin. C.A.
Ph-8 Chronic diseases- its causes & cure Banerjee P . N.
Ph-9 What we must not do in Homoeopathy. Bernoville. Fortier
Ph-10 Syplities & Sycosis. Bernoville Fortier
Ph-11 Unfathemed regions of Homoeopathy Bihari Sultan. A.
Ph-12 The Patient, not the cure Blackie. Margery. G.
Ph-13 The Lesser witings Boenninghausen
Ph-14 A Compond of the Principles of Homoeopathy Boericke. Garth
Ph-15 Studies in thePhilosophy of Healing Boger C. M.
Ph-16 The study of Materia Medica & taking the case Boger. C. M.
Ph-17 Homoeo. treatment & 50 reasons for being a homoeopathy Burnette. J. C.
Ph-18 Man, the unknown Carrel Moxis
Ph-19 My healing secrats Chaitow. Boris
Ph-20 Homoeopathy Explained. Clarke. J. H.
Ph-21 Constitutional Medicine Clarke J. H.
Ph-22 Principles & Practise ofHomoeopathy Dhawale. M. L.
Ph-23 Lectures on the theory & practise of Homoeopathy Dudgeon. R. E.
Ph-24 How to take the case Dunham. C.
Ph-25 The Significance of Past History in Homoeopathy Foubister
Ph-26 Organon on Medicine at a glance Vol II Gupta A. C.
Ph-27 Chronic Diseases, their pearliar nature & their Homoeopathic Cure (Theorec at Part) Hahnemam Samud + +
Ph-28 Life & work of Samuel Hahnemann Vol I & II Haehl Richard
Ph-29 A Brief study cause in Homoeopathy. HubbardElizabethWright
Ph-30 The Knowledge of the Physician Huges. Richard
Ph-31 A Treatise of Dynamired Micro-Immunology I vol-I. Julian. O. A.
Ph-32 Writings on Homoeopathy Kanjilal. J. N.
Ph-33 Repertorisation Kanjilal. J. N.
Ph-34 MY notes from masterpieces on Iubercular Iraint Kaplay S. B.
Ph-35 Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy Kent. James Iyler
Ph-36 What the Dr. needs to know insider to make a successful Prescribtion Kent. J. T.
Ph-37 Homoes Medicine-what is it & how to do it in practice Krishnamurty. V.
Ph-38 Objective Symptoms Luke. B. S,
Ph-39 Guide to organon Mathur. K. N.
Ph-40 The Symopsis of Homoeopathic Philosophy Miller. Gibson
Ph-41 On the Comparative value of Symp. in the relection of the Remedy Miller Gibson
Ph-42 Homoeopathic dose and dilution Mukherji. R. K.
Ph-43 More about Homoeopathy Mukundan. T. K.
Ph-44 How to take a case & find the simillimum Nash. E. B.
Ph-45 On the Universality of the  Homseo law of cure Neidhard. Charles
Ph-46 Analysis & Evaluation of Symptoms. Patel Ramanlal
Ph-47 How to find a correct remedy. Puddephatt. Noel
Ph-48 Practical Homoeopathic Prescribing Quinton P. G.
Ph-49 Principles & Art of cure by Homoeopathy Robers. H. E
Ph-50 Eliology in Homoeopathy Roy. C.
Ph-51 Limitations of Homoeopathy Sankaran. P.
Ph-52 How to be a successful Homoeo. Physician Sankaran. P.
Ph-53 Analysis & Evaluation of Symptens. Sankaran. P.
Ph-54 Dietetic Restrictions in Homoeo Practice Sankaran. P.
Ph-55 Essays on Homoeopathy Sarkar. B. K.
Ph-56 Essentiah of Homoeo. Philosophy & the place of Repertory in Homoeopathic Practice Sarkar. B. K.
Ph-57 Organon Expositor Sarkar. S. D,
Ph-58 The Art of Interrogation Schmidt Pierre
Ph-59 Doctrone of Homoeopathy Singh. Sapuran.
Ph-60 A Comparison of the Chronic miasms. Speight. Phyllis + +
Ph-61 The Physica basis of Homoeopathy and a new synthesis stearns Gay Beckley & 
Ph-62 A Study course in Homoeopathy Speight Phyllis
Ph-63 The Homoeopathic Principles in Therapatics Thomas Hodges Mac Gavack
Ph-64 In the Art of Prescribing – the potentials of life, drugs & diseases. Jewari. B . K.
Ph-65 Different ways of finding the Remedy Jyler. Margaret. L.
Ph-66 How, not to do it Jyler. M. L.
Ph-67 Repertorising Jyler M. L. & John Weir
Ph-68 Examination of the patient. Vander. P.
Ph-69 Homoeopathy – Human Medicine Vannier. Leon
Ph-70 The Homoeopathic Law of Similarity Von, Grauvogi
Ph-71 Difficulities in Homoeopathic Prescribing Weir John
Ph-72 An Introduction  to the Principles and Practice of Homoeopathy Wheder Charts
Ph-73 Chronic diseases & Theory of Miasms Compilation
Ph-74 Fifity Millisimal Potencies : articles bySchmidt. P. Charler Pahud,Everitl & S. M. Bhatlacharji Compilation