R-1 A Rep of Desires & Aversions Agrawal Y. R.
R-2 Drug Relationship – Antidotal & Inimical Agrawal. Y. R.
R-3 Boral’s Concentrec Rep of Hom. Remedies. Banerjee. N. K.
R-4 The Hom Therap of Diarrhoea Bell. James
R-5 Rep. of the Eye Berbridge
R-6 Causations. Bharaduxya Harbans
R-7 A Systomatic Aephabetic Rep of Hom. Remedies Boenning hausen
R-8 Sides of the Bedy & drug affinities. Boenninghausen
R-9 Times of Remedies & Moon Phases. Boger. C . M.
R-10 Additions to Kent’s Rep Boger. C. M.
R-11 The pocket Manual as Rep of Hom. Medicies Bryant J.
R-12 Clinical Rep to the Dictienvry of Mat. Med. Clarks. J. H.
R-13 Cough & Expecteration. Clarks. J. H.
R-14 Leucorrhoea & its Concemitant Symps & its Hom. treatment Cushing A. M.
R-15 Synopsis of Hemseo Aetiology Das Eswara
R-16 How to find the sunilimum with Bega’s Rep Desai Bhanu. + +
R-17 Relationship of Remedies. Das . Sem.
R-18 Hahnemann’s Therapetic Hints Dudgeon. R. E.
R-19 Desires & adversions Fayaguddin. M.
R-20 The Concordance Rep of the more charactertic M.M. (6vols) Gentry william. D.
R-21 Rep of Psychic Medicines with Mat . Med. Gallavardin. J. P.
R-22 Manual & clinical Rep/ of a cemplete list of Golts. Eric Graf Ven De
R-23 Menstruation Guernsey. W.J.
R-24 Desires and Aversions. Guernsey. W. J.
R-25 Mat. Med. of Bowel Nosedes with Ilerap. Index Gupta. A. C.
R-26 Kent’s Prescriber on Rheumatism Gupta A.C. & Agrawal Hadh
R-27 Pulse Rep. Haves. A. B.
R-28 Spasms and convulsions. Holcombe . A. W.
R-29 Belinc Therap and Repertory Jones. Story
R-30 Rep of Hering’s Guiding Sympts of pur Mat. Med.(2vols) Knerr C. B.
R-31 Rep of Bach flower Remedies Kreshnamusty. V.
R-32 Rep of the more Characterestic Symptons Leppe Constantine
R-33 Wrather cocks in Homoeopathy Luke. B. S.
R-34 Phobia, Mania Hysteria Luke B. S.
R-35 Tastes, odours, Colours, Likes, dislikes & their ranedies Luke. B. S.
R-36 Pediatrics and Geriatrics Luke. B. S.
R-37 Epilepsy & Ecgema Luke B. S.
R-38 Befare during and after Luke B. S,
R-39 Remedies round the clock Luke B. S.
R-40 The opposites Luke B. S,
R-41 The pulse tongue, stool, urine-as guides to the simitimum. Luke. B. S.
R-42 Therap of Facial & Sciatic Nearalgias Lutge. F. H
R-43 Fissue remedies -a compilation from Biochemic and Homoeopathic works. Mitra
R-44 Relationship of Remedies with duration of action Miller. Gibson
R-45 Gleanings of Homoeopathic Mat. Med. Mukherjee Kesub
R-46 Pathogonic & Clinical Rep. of the most preminent symptoms of the Head Neidhard. C
R-47 Word Index with Rubries of Kent’s Rep. (2vols) Patel. Ramanlal
R-48 Time Modalities. Polla. Raju. V.
R-49 Sensation as if Roberts. H. A.
R-50 Clinical Relationships Sankaran P.
R-51 Cross Reference to Kent’s Rep. Sankaran. P.
R-52 Rep. of Peadiar symptoms based on Periodic drug disorders. Salgies. L.
R-53 Rep of Comalisions Santi E. M.
R-54 Clinical Relationship of drugs with their Modalities Sarkar B. R.
R-55 A Complete Rep of tessue Remedies Schussler.
R-56 Clinical Rep & Time Modalities Shedd. P. W.
R-57 Concomitants Sheikh. A. M.
R-58 Unique Repertory Sinha Yaduba
R-59 A Rey-note Rep of Mat. Med. on the basis of Allen’s Kaynotes & Nash’s leadersion the Sirkar. K. K.
R-60 A Concise Rep of aggiavations & Amdiorations. Sivaraman. P.
R-61 A study of Kent’s Repertory Jyler. M.L. + +
R-62 unabridged Dietionary of sensation As If (2vols) Ward. James. W.
R-63 Rep of bach Flower remedies. wheeler. F. J.
R-64 A Rep. of Characteristic Symptions. winterbarn George.
R-65 Rep of the Modalities. Worcester. S.