These are few of the many epilogues received about the ESSENTIALS OF HOMOEOPATHY SEMINAR I

Date: 29th & 30th April 2000 conducted at the Lecture Hall, Golden Jubilee Building, Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel (East), Bombay: 400 012.

Dr. Heena Kazi (New-Bombay) : From this seminar I learnt the ‘real art of case receiving in homoeopathy’, how to correlate the verbal and nonverbal expressions. How to take the verbal and nonverbal expressions and finally heal the patient. Finally thanks for making many doubts clear and for helping us to perceive the patient easily.

Dr. Ashok Borkar (Goa) : From this seminar I learnt the importance of ‘viewing’, listening’, and noticing the kinesthetic expressions i.e. the non-verbal language. I learnt the importance of ‘silence’… I learnt the importance of finding the common thread, which links all the expressions of the patient.

Dr. Sugumar (Kanyakumari) : I learnt how the physician has to conduct himself during an interview…that he has to conduct himself nicely and silently. I learnt that every thing about a patient i.e. the visual, auditory and kinesthetic language is important. I thank you and I go to Kanyakumari with full of Homoeo energy.

Dr. (Mrs.) Sukti Chande (Thane) : The idea of discussing very few cases was a good one because of which we could concentrate on a single case in detail i.e. right from the beginning… getting the rubrics and the follow-ups. It helped me to learn how to perceive a patient. I would like you to discuss about potencies and repetition of the remedy in your next seminar, which would be of very much help.

Dr. (Mrs.) Hemangi Aglawe (New-Bombay) : The seminar again helped me to realize the importance of being ‘unprejudiced’ and to be ‘patient’ with the patient. Rather than making hasty search for the remedy and being judgmental about the patient, it is really important to feel the whole case.

Dr. Roma Sanghavi (Bombay) : I liked the cases presented, as they were explanatory as to the depth of the remedy. Also the ‘Organon’ teaching made the subject more interesting.

Dr. Smita Shenoy (Bombay) : This seminar helped me to learn that instead of jumping to the remedy directly first it is very important to understand the person, understand the problems and later on think about the remedy. In that way we wont be biased. Similar seminars explaining different important rubrics are welcome. Thank you.

Dr. Shyam Phanse (Bombay) : Thanks for making a DRAB DULL subject like ‘Organon’ into a BRIGHT SHINY expose.

Dr. Lajja U. Thakkar (Bombay) : I learnt or rather a base or foundation was formed in the art of case receiving… it certainly helped a lot. It was a very nice session. Thank you sir and madam. It certainly gave me a better idea of how ‘to perceive’.

Dr.Preeti Drona (Bombay) : From the seminar I could gather more about perceiving a case, more about ‘living the organon’ which we have never tried. Also we could understand the aphorism 84 to quite an extent and now will have a changed view when receiving a case thanks for everything that you have given us through this seminar.

Dr. Shankar Chawla (Bombay) : I learnt a lot of things from this seminar… in brief I learnt about the language… the audio, visual and kinesthetic and connecting through gestures. This was a seminar with close interaction with few cases with clear understanding.

Dr. Renuka Pujari (Thane) : This seminar taught me about the importance of ‘Silence’, how important it is to remain silent during the entire process of ‘case receiving’. It has made me realize that every case has to be ‘listened to’ not ‘heard’, to be ‘viewed’ not ‘seen’ and most important of all to be ‘felt’, to be ‘experienced’ — only then will the cure be complete. Our duty as a physician should not only be to cure physically but also take care to change the entire attitude and outlook towards life, so that the patient is able to lead a healthy and a peaceful life.