Goa Seminar 2002

With our ‘Purpose’ of ‘disseminating and propagating advanced studies in ‘Classical Homoeopathy’ we stated with these sessions, 4 in all, in Goa in the months of August and September 2002.

We organised “CLASSICAL HOMOEOPATHY … IT’S PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE” a series workshops which were held in the beautiful auditorium of Rajiv Gandhi Kala Mandir, Ponda, Goa.

With the help of audio visual cases we illustrated § 84 and § 153 to the participants of this workshop.

The workshop started with the lighting of lamp by Dr. Falguni K. Khariwala and the garlanding of our dear and respected Master Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

The sessions started with meditation so that all the participants were in harmony with us and with each other. This also allowed them to experience ‘Silence’.

All the sessions were highly interactive so that the participants could freely express their impressions …

These are few of the many epilogues written by the participants about our sessions …

Mr. Vijendra V. Naik (Student), Age: 18 years (Goa) : First of all I want to thank you for conducting such a beautiful seminar. I am first year student but still with the help of these sessions I was able to understand many things, such as case-receiving which we are supposed to study later on… I liked the different cases which where shown as from them I was able to learn something. For the first time I attended a seminar and I found it so interesting that I want to learn more things. Just reading the aphorisms is not enough but we should understand it and here you made us to understand in a very simple and easy way. I am very happy today because I gained lots of knowledge. My special thanks to Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni for conducting this beautiful seminar. This seminar is and unforgettable one for me.

Miss. Olympia Silveira (Student), Age: 18 years (Goa) : As I am in my first year of B.H.M.S. I am very new to this stream but attending your sessions made me feel completely comfortable. There were many doubts in my mind. I always wanted to see the case taking (receiving). Every one used to say its is and ‘ART’. I just wanted to know (when, how) should I do that. I liked the way Dr. Prasad explained the aphorisms. There is an essence of being a Classical Homoeopath. The true way to build a rapport between the patient and the doctor I feel we were shown here. How the doctor listens quietly with patience … the patient just flows down his history (symptoms and sufferings) to the doctor. How our founder Dr. Hahnemann really had that art of case receiving and the same thing how we should imbibe it within us was illustrated in these sessions. Before this I had attended a seminar where leading Doctors had come to give a talk but what talk was given by them just went over my head, but all these 4 sessions were extremely excellent, the things which we could understand, the basics which we need to practice pure homoeopathy were illustrated to us. It was really nice attending these series of seminars, and I would like to attend more and more seminars like these which will boost us in a extremely pure way to enjoy the essence of ‘PURE HOMOEOPATHY”.

Dr. Sharadha R. Borkar (Student), Age: 19years (Goa) : These sessions were really very interesting and informative and taught us the basic and fundamental ideas of organon which I think I would have never known in depth anywhere else !! The idea of audio-visual presentations is truly marvelous. It made me understand how to receive a case, what are the things we should do and avoid doing while case receiving, which symptoms to consider, how to form an impression about the nature ( mentals) of the patient. The paper cases which were discussed also helped a lot. The anecdotes and jokes made the sessions even more lively. Simply reading the organon of medicine which is the bible of homoeopathy does not make us the students understand the ideas of Dr. Hahnemann in depth. For understanding his ideas we need people like you who are always ready to share their knowledge with us.

Miss. Aloma F. Estibeiro (Student), Age: 20 years (Goa) : Firstly I would like to thank Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni. All the session were very much enriched with knowledge. What I imbibed from it was the practical case receiving skills. I learnt how the case has to be perceived, each individual case, what is a symptom and which symptom is that a homoeopathic physician should take into account or consideration. It also taught me how one should be observant as to detect what is that which is abnormal in the case. I also learnt what are the spheres one should cover while receiving the case and how to do so. Most of all from all the case shown and discussed during the sessions I realised how much silence, patience, calmness and attention in observation and most of all hard work that is required to be put in a case by a homoeopath.

Mr. Dominic S. Dias (Student), Age: 22 years (Goa) : All the sessions until now were very informative. They have shown us that ‘Organon’ is not just a subject to be read, answered in exam and forgotten but are to be used in our daily practice for every case. It had shown me that a well taken case is one where we are silent in all aspects and receptive to the patient and to those around him and sharp enough ourselves to understand what the patient is trying to say. I am sure my case receiving will improve after these sessions. In our college syllabus, Organon is made ‘just another subject’ but I have realised that we have to think, breath and live Organon. We have to understand it to the maximum. I have realised that every time I read the Organon I come to know something new and enriching … something I didn’t know before. These sessions have helped me to understand what the organon really contains!! I have been inspired to work in the right direction to achieve a cure and thanks to you for showing us the way. There are many more people who have to be enlightened or shown the way by using the light of the Organon. These sessions have also helped me with picking up rubrics from the repertory, a difficult job otherwise. I have benefited a lot from these sessions and I am looking forward to more of such sessions, so that I can be enriched with the light form the “ORGANON”

Bazil R. Dias (Student), Age: 19 years (Goa) : It was wonderful experience for me. For the first time I saw how the doctor converses with the patient, how the case is received in homoeopathy. The most beautiful thing was these sessions was the live illustration of what has been written in the ‘Organon’ i.e. the § 84 and § 153. The understanding that I got from the case was EXCELLENT !! It was a real good experience and a wonderful seminar. I really got to know what exactly case receiving is !! and how to find the simillimum with the help of ‘Organon’.

Dr. Pradeepkumar Patil, Age: 24years (Belgaum) : From these seminars I have understood how important it is for us to be ‘patient’ when our patients are expressing their case histories. I also realised the importance of case taking or should I say ‘case receiving’!! It was educative even in the terms of analyzing the symptom, which are the things that are of prime importance, how easy it is if we remain silent that the flow of symptoms comes to us. The importance of the relative narrating the symptoms was given the right importance in the subsequent sessions. What are the striking symptoms, how much weightage should be given to the symptom was also illustrated. Above all I felt that the importance of ‘Organon’ and its application during practice was very well illustrated by you and I wish to thank you for the same. Once again I thank you for such a wonderful seminar on case-receiving.

Dr. (Mrs.) Malini V. Desai, Age: 34 years (Goa) : I learnt from these sessions about case receiving. How it is important to allow the patient to freely express himself. How to get the symptoms from the patient himself, from his relatives or those around him and the importance of physicians observations and impression. I understood the importance of understanding the patient as an individual and the importance of understanding his innermost feelings that characterize him. I learnt what exactly is a symptom and what should be considered as a symptom and considered for repertorisation (striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar). I understood the importance of picking up the right rubric. learning the exact meaning g of the rubrics in the repertory. I came to learn that one should not get any remedies in the mind during case receiving but just concentrate on understanding the innermost feeling of the patient (to be unprejudiced)!!

Dr. Lewis Da Silva, Age: 34years (Goa) : From these sessions I have learnt that ‘Case Receiving is the right method of taking a case and not ‘case taking’ as was taught to us during education received in homoeopathic college. The sessions were informative and well expressed and well planned too!! Kudos !!! to DR. Prasad and Dr. Falguni for their non-selfish efforts for the propagation of classical homoeopathy.

Dr. (Mrs.) Sneha Dharangutti, Age: 26 years (Goa) : The sessions were really good. I had many queries in my mind regarding case taking but most of these are solved. I could learn through these sessions case receiving, how to come to the characteristic of most striking symptoms and select the remedy accordingly. Now I feel that every individual whole giving his case expresses himself and his characteristic individuality but it is we doctors who many a times make mistakes in recognizing the symptoms and so the patient comes again and again. Thank you very much!!