Goa Seminar 2003

These are few of the many epilogues received about seminar on CLASSICAL HOMOEOPATHY … ITS PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE

Date: 28th & 29th August 2003 conducted at the Nanutel Hotel, Margao, Goa.

Millisha Silvira (Student – Goa) : I learnt how to be a ‘good’ and ‘minute Observer’. Secondly, the importance of ‘Case Receiving’!! The main thing I learnt was how to correlate the observations with the remedy. The non-verbal symptoms illustrated to us by Dr. Falguni also helped a lot. It has formed a good platform for me. It is said, ‘that for a successful future one should have a strong foundation’. I must say this seminar had been a very, very strong foundation in my career. I really enjoyed and loved these two days and wished it continued for some more days with these 2 great personalities. It was a pleasure as well as an honor to learn something from such good personalities.

Dr. Ketki Walavalkar (Vasco Da Gama – Goa) : It was a very nice experience. Before coming here “I” did not have much idea about ‘classical homoeopathy’ but after attending this 2 days seminar I really learnt a lot from Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni Khariwala. I am sure that this will benefit me in my practice. I learnt a lot in these two days … right from how to receive a case and how to come to a proper remedial conclusion to how to deal with a mental and highly pathological cases.

Dr. Samson Correia (Goa) : I learnt a lot form this sessions as you know that knowledge has no limits. Mainly I learnt about the importance of aphorisms especially § 6 which deals with being a ‘unprejudiced observer’ that a true homoeopath must be. We usually have prejudiced ideas and miss a lot of observations and interpretations of the patients sufferings. The remedy is just in front of us and we miss the remedy and we get disappointed because we were unable to cure the patient and like this we fail and spoil our name as well as that of homoeopathy. From today onwards I have changed my mind and I will try to be an unprejudiced observer.

Dr. Shekhar Shetye (Vasco Da Gama – Goa) : I am in practice for last 9 years in Vasco Da Gama. I learnt a lot from respected Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni ever since attending their last year seminars at Ponda in terms of ‘case receiving’. I had learnt ‘Organon’ as a academic subject and never once thought of applying it in practice. Now my attitude towards case taking has changed to case receiving, though I always have this fear of failure in chronic cases now I know I have to go a long way and try very hard and try to learn this art of case receiving.

Aishwarya Bhoj (Student – Goa) : Being a first year junior student there were a lot of medical terms that we were unfamiliar with. But these sessions have helped us a lot. The method of case receiving illustrated was very interesting. I have learnt not to jump to conclusions but have patience and get to the foot cause by being a patient listener. More over the entire sessions and the way the cases were presented was fabulous!!

Pratima Sardesai (Student – Goa) : I learnt from these sessions how to be an unprejudiced observer!! How to record the cases in the patients own words. The sessions in which we were illustrated about the interpretations of gestures was really interesting. Also the sessions in which we were illustrated how to interpret the handwriting was really great and something very different which we have never heard of!!

Amit Nimbhorkar (Student – Goa) : This learning seminar of 2 days was very, very informative and full of knowledge, which has taught me more about How to select the correct simillimum. Even the last series of seminars were very good and because I had attended them this time it was better for me to grasp the things properly and very correctly!! I would like to attend many more such seminars and also the ‘Training Program’ so that I can serve people thorough this great system of medicine called homoeopathy following the correct principles given in the ‘Organon’. There are NO DIFFICULTIES for me now and I want to thank you once again.

Ryan Simoes (Student – Goa) : This seminar really, really helped us in ‘OPENING OUR MINDS’. Now we know there is so much to learn, so much to study. Its like … we know how to make that bricks, how to lay the bricks, where to put the cement, BUT WHAT WE DON’T KNOW IS HOW TO BUILD THE BUILDING, AND ITS A PLEASURE TO LEARN FROM YOU DR. PRASAD AND DR FALGUNI ONE OF THE EMINENT ‘ENGINEERS’ OF HOMOEOPATHY … ON HOW TO BUILD. Looking forward for more seminars from you … THANK YOU!!

Ramprasad Kandolkar (Student – Goa) : These 2 days were the most pleasurable days for me … two masters of Homeopathy were giving us education. First, I was thinking that homoeopathy is easy to study but difficult to practice but surely I am not correct. It is Difficult to practice and difficult to learn but not impossible. These thoughts were coming in my mind because I didn’t get or I I would say I didn’t search or find the correct meaning of the words as well as the different symbols used in the organon. I would be very thankful if we get these inside deep understanding of ‘Organon’ in future. Your illustration of §84, 153, 104 and 6 surely has given me the building material to build my career. In what beautiful way I got the understanding of State – Attitude – Gesture – Posture I cannot express!! Surely I hope this Nyan … Ganga will continuously flow in my life … Thank you!!

Divya Markande (Student – Goa) : These sessions were really interesting. We could learn a lot many things … how patients are? what kind of patients there can be ? and how a physician should behave with their patients ? As a homoeopathic student it really gave me a lot of important knowledge which could help in building the foundation. The demonstrations really helped to see how can a patient be … we could really understand and appreciate the patient. It was a lovely experience. I feel I would have missed this lovely opportunity if I hadn’t been here. In these sessions I learnt that we should take every individual as a new case and clean our mind before attending to a patient. It made us to understand how and why a physician should be unprejudiced. This will surely help me in my future for my career. I now feel I want to attend more of this type of sessions and indeed even in college the teaching procedure should be this kind. These sessions were conducted really very, very well. I would like to thank you for these wonderful and knowledgeable sessions.

Priya Kantak (Student – Goa) : I have been taking homoeopathic treatment for many years now and I can say that it really works wonders. But what I felt was that it had a restricted domain. In fact even after being a student of homoeopathy I thought that it has no effect as far as pathological conditions go, as people never actually prefer homoeopathy as a first option. But now after just listening to you for these 2 days I have really changed my opinion. After seeing the case of varicose ulcer, which healed within 2 years of homoeopathic treatment I was touched and now I can say that I am glad to have taken up this course and will try to help many other people to get cured permanently through this science. ‘YOU HAVE DEFINITELY HEIGHTENED MY BELIEF IN THIS SCIENCE’. You also helped me to see the importance and value of ‘Organon’.