Goa Seminar 2008

Classical Homoeopathic Research Centre© conducted a 2-days seminar in Goa Classical Homoeopathy … its Principles and Practice

23rd and 24th August 2008 Conference Hall Nanutel Hotel, Margao, Goa.

Nadine Mesquita

This seminar gave me a brief idea as to how important it is to treat a person as a whole. Unless the person is treated
completely, a healthy state does not occur.

I learned that only a single remedy will restore back health and that no mixtures help in treating a patient.

I also realised the importance of Organon in treating a case homoeopathically. Organon truly is the bible of homoeopathy and if one follows the principles laid down in it by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann then one can definitely restore a patient back to health.

In these 2 days, the visual cases and also the audio case shown to us, was more than sufficient in putting across to us, that ‘Homoeopathy is the need of the hour’ so the saying goes ‘seeing is believing’.

What totally astonishes me is the way in which Dr. Prasad S. Shetye and Dr. Falguni K. Khariwala are so dedicated and completely stick to the principles of the Organon in treating a patient.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Pooja A. Vernekar

Firstly, I would like to say Thank your to Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni for coming to Goa and conducting this two day seminar in spite of their busy schedule.

All this while I was only reading the ‘Organon of Medicine’ but today at the end of this session I can say I have understood what it is!

The way Sir & Madam explained the aphorisms was really good and understandable.

I will now hereafter read my Organon book thoroughly. The way you showed us the right/correct features form our own Organon, which we searched form outside, was impressive.

I also learnt about the importance of source books. The art of receiving the case was very nice and new to me, as all this while I asked questions to the patient. The way of perceiving the patient, understanding them and then coming to conclusion of remedy was very impressive upon me.

All cases shown were really different and I benefited in knowing the various ways to look at it and grasp it …

I thank you for all this Sir and Madam.

Priyanka Naik

This seminar which was held for 2 days was based on § 84 and § 153, where in Sir and Madam presented video and audio cases in order to help us view, listen and feel and explained to us the art of case receiving. As this seminar concludes it amazes me as to how vast our Organon of Medicine is, which we have ignored, for all the years of our college life.

If I could know so many things, which were unknown for all these years by dealing with 2 aphorisms, I wonder, how much could I learn by taking the Organon of Medicine seriously, and by abiding to the principles of Dr. Hahnemann?

This seminar has truly been a enlightening one as it has opened my eyes and showed me the importance and the utility of Organon of Medicine and it demonstrated to me the various successful cures … what miracles can be done if your foundation in homoeopathy is good i.e. if you know you Organon of Medicine.

Thank you Sir and Madam, it has been a truly enriching experience.

Diksha Sirolvi

Dear Sir & Madam,

I am really thankful to you both for spending your previous time, above all sharing your knowledge and wisdom about homoeopathy with us. I had definitely read the § 84th and § 153 before my exams, only to forget them again. But what I have gained by attending this seminar shall never be lost, never be forgotten. I have learnt that a homoeopath never cures the disease but the state, which causes one to suffer form the disease; I learnt the exact meaning of holistic approach, which in all these years of BHMS I had only heard off but through the cases shown in the seminar I have understood it.

I understood the meaning of the word symptom, which is much, much beyond just the disease and its modality. It was definitely enlightening!!

I have made an attempt, to forget the so called ‘Drug Pictures’ which bias the mind of the homoeopath and I have learnt that there is no picture but a portrait and that every remedy consist of a Spectrum and the patient can lie anywhere in this spectrum. I thank you for teaching us the meaning of case receiving; rather I say the art of case receiving.

I will definitely put to use the knowledge you have shared with us for the betterment of mankind.

Once again, thank you Sir, thank you Madam.

Pulsy Fernandes

It helped me to overcome my faith, which was absolutely absent, and also created interest in the system. The sharing was really understandable and wonderful.

Suvarna Fonseca e Antoao

1) The gift of silence,
The power of silence,
you can see more clearly
hear more acutely
analyze more accurately

Which means you do not allow anything else to disturb the communion with the other (patient) … when you become One.

2) There is a lot that is said,
Learnt to sift
and take what is needed
Look beyond the words
to recognize the state he /she is in by … patienty
… Relative
… Yourself
Then match the remedy.
Use all your senses.

3) If your knowledge of Organon source books and posology are in balance you cannot fail.

Thank you very much!!!
You have edifices my concept of homoeopathy
That it is as perfect
as shooting a dart at the
centre of the circle.
There can be no two points
There is only one.
I appreciate your commitment And
with it your involvement.
It is the spirit that moves you both.
Just as the spirit has
brought me to this – at this age.

Ninoskha Quadraos

Before coming for this seminar I was totally confused about the whole concept of homoeopathy. I have now seen the actual art of ‘case receiving’ though I myself had visited a number of homoeopaths, none of them would take the mind into consideration. They wouldn’t allow me to express freely to them and I too was unable to express myself correctly to them. I am extremely happy for not missing this golden opportunity


First and foremost, now I believe homoeopathy can do wonders, homoeopathy can make cure really possible. Homoeopathy is not something, which I learned till today. Now I realise the importance of Organon of Medicine … its simplicity and meaningfulness.

Also I came to know how biased we could be of a remedy without knowing it form source books. And now I believe and your valuable talks have made me realise, where I stand and how much of change I should make in me to become a homoeopath

Thanking your heart-fully Sir and Madam and I feel tomorrow if I will do something in this field that will be only because of the realization, which I gained in these two days.

It was too informative and I changed my understanding form case taking to case receiving.

I understood how fluently and how repeatedly the patient themselves stress what is altered and unusual about them.

Thank you very much and I am sure that from a water bug I will become a dragonfly or more correctly at least I tried doing so and I will always try till I succeed.

Pratiksha Narulkar

This seminar was a very interesting one. I learnt a lot of things; rather I would say a lot of things were made clear to me, which I always was confused about and didn’t really know.

I understood that if you know the principles of homoeopathy well, which are mentioned in the Organon of Medicine by Dr. Hahnemann, you could practice classical homoeopathy.

I learnt that any remedy does not have a particular picture and you can’t be prejudiced, but we have to learn the remedy in detail only from the source books – which I have never done!!

This seminar was more interesting to me because it was very interactive, where we could share our views without hesitation and fear; knowing that we were not criticized; instead explained properly what is right and what is wrong; so that we have no confusion left in our minds.

I am very impressed with the 2 days sessions and assure Sir and Madam that I will follow Dr. Hahnemann’s principles in the true sense and try to be a classical homoeopathic practitioner.

Thanks for all the guidance and leading us the right way.

Thank you both Sir and Madam.

Saviona Fernandes

The things that I learnt form this seminar is:

First and foremost that it is case receiving and not taking, and the importance of silence.

I also realised that the basic idea which I always had of a drug picture is not the same, but it is the spectrum if the remedy. I have realised the need for me to go back to the source books of Materia Medica to strengthen my materia medica knowledge and yes, the importance of Organon of Medicine and its teachings in this divine art of homoeopathy.

I am thankful to you, respected Sir and Madam for enlightening me, and for making me realise how much more I have to pay importance to drug portraits form the source books and how much more I have to learn.

Thank you.

Yoga Vithu Naik

I really thank CHRC, Dr. Prasad, Dr. Falguni and Dr. Subhash for this unforgettable seminar of homoeopathy in my life. It was a real good time to be here and I came to know how wonderful our homoeopathic system is!! … Its perfect principles that our Master Dr. Hahnemann has given in the ‘Organon of Medicine’.

was the book I use to think a difficult and quite boring to read; but this is the book that makes our base, our foundation, to become the best homoeopath.

Thanks for enlightening my mind.

I learnt that while case receiving the doctor should have a very open mind … in other words be ‘an empty vessel’ … ready to feel what the patient is complaining about.

The main thing that I learnt form this seminar is to keep silence and listen to the patient, as it is very much important.

I really thank our teacher Dr. Lewis who told us, register for this seminar and after the seminar gets over you will come out with smiling face!!! … Really Sir and Madam it was a very good seminar … I really gained a lot as a student.

Mira N. Chimulkar

Form the 2-days seminar I learnt the most basic and most important part in homoeopathy i.e. ‘Case receiving’.

I learnt that the basic for the doctor is to first, keep silence and perceive what the patient has to say about his disease … all that the people around him have observed in him and also what he himself sees, hears and feels about the patient.

I also learnt that how important it is to distinguish between the most characteristic symptom and the common symptom.

In the end, I would like to say that this seminar benefited me in a big way as it taught me the correct way of practicing homoeopathy.

As Sir said, “Homoeopathy is not practiced for convenience” !!