Nashik Seminar 2002

We organised and conducted a series of 4 sessions on ‘Classical homoeopathy’ … It’s Principles and Practice. We conducted these sessions at the Kanchanbai Babubhai Abad Homoeopathic Medical college, Chandwad, Nashik in the months of July and August 2002.

The session were highly interactive so that the Doctors and students could have an intense learning experience.

It was a very hectic and tiring schedule for us but in the end when we realised that we had been successful in reaching to the attending doctors and students … it gave us immense satisfaction!!

These are few of the many epilogues written by the doctors and students who attended the sessions …

Dr. Sanjay V. Patil, Age: 28 years (Nashik) : Respected Sir and Madam, It was an excellent experience. These 4 seminars were very helpful from practice point of view. It has really changed my approach towards case-taking. Now, after these fruitful sessions I am now more focused towards my work because now I know that what I can do and how I can help my patients. It really boosted my confidence a lot. My approach towards my patients has really changed and since these seminars the results are really showing up in my practice. Sir and Madam I thank you for guiding and showing the true and real path by which I can help out my patients on their path to cure. I feel more such seminars should be conducted so that many more students will learn the essence of homoeopathy.

Miss Tarul B. Wadikaye (Student), Age: 21 years (Mumbai) : Respected Sir, first of all thanks for having taken out soo much of your precious time for coming here. These 4 sessions which I have attended I found them very informative. You have given a lot of knowledge in such a short time, not in a syllabus manner but in a manner which we could understand. Every thing was just in a flow and in sequence. Along with those case the explanation which you gave were very nice. Best was the manner you explained § 153 … I wish you could explain other aphorisms in such and illustrative manner. I would say sir that this was a Golden chance for me that came from nowhere all of a sudden and gave me quite a lot of wealth of knowledge. I was previously unaware of case-receiving in such a manner but your combined efforts simplified it. Sir, I am very much keen in knowing about these seminars which you will hold in future. Though a student in the third year I wish to ask you when or where can we get the opportunity of learning under you. Please do let me know of you future seminars and sessions. Thank you once again!!!

Miss. Kavita S. Tatiya (Student), Age: 20 years (Dhule) : From these sessions I learnt many things like how to receive a case from a patient, how to be keen in observation, how to select characteristic symptom. First of all what is characteristic symptom rather which can be called a characteristic symptom. I learnt to which symptom more importance should be given. I learnt how to listen to the complaints of the patient, which type of questions should be asked to the patient, how to find out correct rubrics, a correct simillimum and also many other things like in general our behavior with the patient, giving as much time as possible to narrate his/her complaints, how to make our minds unprejudiced and listening to patients making our minds silent without any confusion, how to individualise the patient. So basically I came to understand the difference between case-taking and case-receiving. I would like to thank you heartily for giving us so much knowledge.

Miss. Komal T. Doshi (Student), Age: 21 years (Mumbai) : Frankly speaking thanks to your seminar it was the first time I must have understood the § 84 and § 153. All this time it was superficial understanding. It is now that I realise the depth of each aphorism. I had never dealt with this subject with so much of detail but now I feel I should. Secondly your explanation regarding the peculiar symptom and what should be taken as a symptom was indeed striking to me. Case receiving as you say, has been clear to me. The best part was the 10 minute meditation during which all the thoughts are silenced and the lightness felt was great. As you are silent at heart you can absorb everything that is to be … this is the most important thing that I have learnt. I learnt to be silent while taking any new task. I have realised the importance of the repertory as well as how you need to balance and unprejudiced which is not as easy as said. Realizing my mistakes committed unknowingly in spite of knowing things well. Thanks to your seminar I have now realised that I needed to go in the depth of this subject from the start. Thank-you!!

Miss. Deepti D. Marne (Student), Age: 20 years (Manmad) : Sir, first of all I found all the 4 sessions very interesting and knowledgeable. I came to know the essentials which we would like to follow while case receiving. It is not just to take a case but to receive it with great patience by listening carefully to each and every sentence of the patient without any former prejudice. Your session on § 153 taught me many tings about what exactly is the symptom? The case shown were very interesting too. I also came to know that first collection of symptoms is not her totality but symptoms which really strike the mind and is peculiar during case receiving are most important. I think I have learned about case receiving and above all this seminar has inspired me to become a good classical homoeopath.

Mr. S. A. Patil (Student), Age: 21 years (Nashik) : Referring to these sessions of seminars … these were simply knowledgeable about classical homoeopathy. Through all these sessions I came to understand the true essence of a true homoeopath. The image of homeopathy that we have before our first year in college is simply none; in the first year we build a skeleton; upon which in the second year some tissues and functioning organs are grafted; later in the third year it almost became complete; while in the fourth year some finishing touches are added. Through your seminars it seems to me that you have poured “Chaitanya” (life !!) into it. Previously the concept of homoeopathy was seeming a simple joke but still we kept unto it; friends would laugh at the 50 mil. scale potency … but now with you efforts it all seems to be worthwhile and true.

Miss. Hetal V. Brahmakshatriya, Age: 20years (Mumbai) : First and foremost thing which I learnt from these sessions especially in the first session is how Organon the text should be read and understood … the method of understanding principles as laid down in the organon. Secondly, how to receive case form the patient without being biased or any thoughts about which medicine to prescribe. Earlier after a brief narration of symptoms by the patient I would immediately think about which remedy I should give to the patient. Now, I have stopped doing it and I experience silence during the process of case receiving. The right approach towards the selection of simillimum has been shown through these sessions, where in students like me who do not understand as to which method i.e. whether mentals/ particulars/ generals/ or pathology should be given importance to are benefited. The correct path is shown as to how to proceed further in case taking and selection of the correct single similar medicine.

Rajinder Kaur Nagi, Age: 21 years (Thane) : We as students were really in the need of the ‘art of receiving the case’ and from these sessions we beautifully learned it by experiencing how the patient says and by keeping silence of ourselves how we can receive a case. Although we might have read § 84 we never tried to really understand it but now I feel like at least I will be able to receive a case in the proper manner. Also, your next sessions about § 153 were really excellent. I really feel I have learnt many things out of these sessions and I am thankful to you for arranging these seminars and for sharing your knowledge with us. I feel the college should conduct more such seminars of classical homoeopathy in the benefit that we learn the basic principles of organon upon which the whole of homoeopathy is bases and help us in being true to the healing art.

Miss. Shilpa V. Challani, Age: 20years (Nashik) : In the beginning I would like to mention that this is the best seminar that I have ever attended … thanks to you for your guidance. Before attending these seminars I had very superficial knowledge rather you can say misconceptions about how to take case. Frankly speaking I would feel, ‘If you ask leading questions to your patients it doesn’t matter much and when I will become a homoeopath, who will oppose me in my clinic!! but now I have come to know the importance of it. I have come to know the basic difference between ‘case-taking’ and ‘case receiving’. I will definitely try to follow the principles of homoeopathy and for your valuable guidance once again I thank you!!