Dr. Preeti P. Dhrona

B.H.M.S. (Bom.)

Age: 25 yrs.

At this crucial stage of my life where I am about to start my practice, this ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni has been like a ‘pole star’. In this jigsaw world of homoeopathy where there are hundreds of methods, this ‘training program’ has shown me the only true existing method of ‘living the organon’. Learning the principles and bringing them into practice which till now was only being written in the examination papers, never seen being practiced in the O.P.D’s has been awakening. This program has shown me that these principles are not just to be read in books and forgotten but it is much simpler and essential that they be brought into practice about which I had a notion from the practice seen in the O.P.D’s … that it is difficult.

Also, it has been of immense help to completely shake and forget the picture of remedies that I had built in my mind. I saw the real understanding of remedies… the real power of homoeopathy. This training program has shown me that idealism is not just utopia…it is possible in our lives too with the help of “Organon”.

It has also been a boon to me in my personal life. As a person it has helped me to change many aspects of my personality, which were wrong and make myself a better human being so that I reach the higher purpose of my existence and also take along my patients on this path. It has been a real mirror to me.

I had always prayed to God every day to show me the right way and this ‘Training Program’ has come to me as an answer to my prayers at the right and prime time of my life.

I will like to thank GOD and our gurus for all that they have given me.

Dr. Geeta Yadav

D.H.M.S. (Bom.)

Age: 25yrs. In homoeopathic practice since one year.

Through this ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni I learnt a lot. I learnt that while receiving a case one should be silent, unprejudiced and one should not form any picture of a remedy. I also learnt how to ‘mirror’ a patient.

I learnt ‘what is a symptom?’ … That to call a ‘Symptom’ a ‘Symptom’ it should be striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic).

I also learnt how ‘selection of dose’ and the ‘potency’ are very important.

Through the various audios, videos, paper and live cases I learnt that along with the remedy, counseling the patient and dietic advice is also very important.

Also I learnt the importance of ‘Organon’, which was always a scaring experience for me, but now I feel if we read by understanding each and every word of it then it will be very interesting… I feel we should ‘live’ Organon.

I feel this course is too short… it needs to be extended!!

Dr. Subhash K. Dhawale.


Age: 25 yrs.

This ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni for me, was not just a training program but it was an ‘education program’. Through all these 3 months you have educated me in such a manner that I cannot forget in my life. I want to put it in each and every moment of my life.

There are no words to express this learning experience. All that you have shared with me in these 3 months my poor words will be incomplete to express.

I have ‘learned’, in fact you have ‘educated’ me in so many ways that for the first time I have seen ‘rays of light’ in the world of homoeopathy. Earlier I was not able to perceive things; every thing was in front of me but I was not able to perceive it. From you I learnt that perception takes place through all our senses… that is the main thing.

Also I came to know that there is nothing without principles. If one sticks to the principles laid down by our masters i.e. follow them. I really learnt the importance of ‘organon’ in homoeopathic practice. Through the various audio, video, paper and live cases I experienced that if you practice by our principles then success will be at our doorstep.

Through the various sessions I came to know the finer points of homoeopathy and i.e. dose, potency, repetition of the dose, and the second prescription, which are all very practical aspects in homoeopathy. There are principles laid down by our masters but no body wants to follow them but here through the training program I really understood this.

Even I came to know how the human mind could be tricky… I came to know that we should not try to fit the remedy into the patient. Also we should not form any remedy pictures

I also understood how we could give better quality of life to our patients with sexual problems and those suffering from terminal diseases like cancer.

Last but not in the least I experienced the beauty of ‘Silence’. Though knowing its importance in life and in homoeopathy I was unaware as how one should apply it in our field. This is a very big gift to me from you.

With your permission I would like to help you in forming this world of homoeopathy with my best possible things and time.

Here I would like to promise you that I will put to practice all that you have shared with us in the last 3 months through this ‘Training Program’ and also in each and every moment of my life and I will achieve success.

Dr. Taruna I. Lala

D.H.M.S. (Bom.)

Age: 24yrs. In homoeopathic practice since 2 years.

Through this ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni most important thing, that I learnt is about “case receiving”. During my practice I was facing a lot of difficulties because there was no ‘silence’ within. Now I am enjoying my practice. Initially at times it was very mechanical for me. I was not satisfied with my own self. Now I have confidence that I can do better for my patients.

Another problem that I was facing was about the remedies, which we had learnt during our college days. I had really created pictures of remedies because of which I used to fail in my practice. Also I used to read many new books, which added to the confusion. Now I really know from where to read and how to read.

Initially at times I used to loose my confidence. There was an inner turmoil that whether I am doing the right thing what quality of life am I giving to my patients. To clear my doubts I would read books but then again I would land up in a confusion not knowing which book to refer to. Now I know where so I so wrong and I know I can rectify it.

Another most important aspect, which I learnt, was counseling our patients but many (or I would say many a times) I find it difficult to do so. For this I feel that my personal growth is more important in order to do this. For this I have been reading many books and trying to apply it in my life and will continue to do so and also help patients to find their higher purpose of existence.

Dr. Hitesh’s lecture was very excellent. He has told us how he counsels his patients with sexual problems and it has helped me a lot. Initially I would not enquire about the sexual life of a person unless the patient himself volunteered. Now since I am questioning in this area of like I find that most of them need only counseling for which I am not much confident although I know I know I am trying to overcome this difficulty. Dr. Zubin’s lecture was also good. A new thing to learn about Escador but I am not confident or clear about this subject. Dr. Pravin’s lecture on the applications of homoeopathic software in homoeopathic practice with ‘CARA’ was also good but I need to practice on this.

I thank you all for this wonderful enlightenment.

Dr. Rajesh B. Shah

G.C.E.H. (Bom.)

Age: 39 yrs. In homoeopathic practice since 14 years.

Through this ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni I learnt the ‘real’ and ‘holistic’ approach of practicing homoeopathy. Till now I was doing case taking but through this ‘Training Program’ I have experienced ‘what is real case receiving’. I have also understood the important things required during case receiving i.e. keeping ‘silence’ and perception of case with ‘auditory’, ‘visual’ and ‘kinesthetic’ senses.

I have learnt ‘what really a symptom is’ which I feel is the main thing for perception. Through the three months of training I also learnt the importance of the ‘hierarchy of symptoms’, which is equally important in entering the case.

Before attending this training program I was feeling ‘Organon’ and philosophy to be very dry and repertorising very boring and a very mechanical process but after this training ‘Organon’ homoeopathic philosophy have become the ‘aim’ and ‘part of my life’. I learnt how to read in-between the lines and started understanding and enjoying it more and more. After learning ‘what is a symptom’ repertorisation has become very easy and I don’t fell it mechanical.

This program has made my practice of homoeopathy very ‘simple’, ‘holistic’ and ‘interesting’. The ‘knowledge of posology’ has also made me aware of the harm that we can do to a patient if we do not follow the principles rightly.

I still feel I have to learn much from you. I know that till our last breath we all are learners. We haven’t become homoeopaths for nothing but to be better and the best, I think we will be highly obliged if you can continue the learning in homoeopathy by arranging clinical meetings regularly.

There are no words to give you in return to.

Thank you.

With lots of love and regards to both of you.

Dr. Ritu D. Sharma

D.H.M.S. (Bom.)

Age: 24yrs. In homoeopathic practice since 2 years.

Through this ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni I have learnt right from the essential prerequisite of case receiving i.e. complete ‘silence’ on the part of the physician which means – not only being quiet (not speaking) but also being ’empty’ and ‘silent inside so that whatever the patient emanates can be received in totality and thus perceived correctly.

I learnt that the case receiving should be done in detail without asking much (mirroring is a good tool) and letting the patient express about his suffering. Interviewing the relatives of the patient is also very important.

I learnt that the selection of the medicine is done by finding out the most striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic) symptoms in each individual case without any prejudice or preconceived ideas about the patient or the medicine.

I also learnt that the ‘dose’ given to the patient should be of ‘minimum size’ so that the cure is gentle and then the potency can be raised by deviation so that we rapidly reach to cure.

Also, through the various audio, video, paper and live cases discussed I learnt that in chronic diseases there is need to give several homoeopathically related remedies in succession, however each time, minutely analyzing the case and then selecting the remedy. I perceived, that the cure thus reached, is rapid, gentle and a permanent annihilation of the disease in its whole extent and the patient can thus use his health for the higher purpose of his existence.

This training program has dynamised my indolent thought processes in the right direction so that perception can now be reached very gently but rapidly.

Dr. (Mrs.) Shilpa K. Niphadkar.

B.H.M.S. (Bom.)

Age: 27 yrs. In homoeopathic practice since 2 ½ years.

What I learnt through the ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni was how much important is “Organon” as a part of practice. That without “Organon” practicing homoeopathy is very difficult. It is a complete book by itself. If we have ‘Organon’ as a tool in our hand we can go through any case with ease without having fear of what will happen next or why it happened. It is a great gift to us by Dr. Hahnemann and so The Creator. I am highly pleased to say that we are ‘healers’ of mankind.

Through this program I have learnt that ‘Silence’ is essential of everything if we want to perceive it through the visual, auditory or kinesthetic senses. I learnt that once we have achieved that, every thing is as clear as water in front of us. I learnt, for that, we should be out of our mind that when the mind is empty only then we can see through and through the case and every thing just flows very easily. We don’t have to force it to flow. I learnt that through mirroring the patient in front of you, the person or the patient could never hide the truth.

I also learnt that a symptom is not only what a patient has told you in chronological order but it has to be 1. Striking’ 2. Singular, 3. Uncommon, and 4. Peculiar, to take them in the totality of symptoms i.e. to form the portrait of disease. I learnt that if we know what is a ‘symptom’ then we can easily fit the patient in the remedy and not the remedy in the patient.

I had confusion regarding the selection of the potency but through the training program I learnt and now am confident that you can safely start with a low potency and then in the process be a very careful observer how the patient progresses and how to repeat the remedy. Also, in the beginning I felt that a single remedy cure is ‘the only classical homoeopathic’ approach but through this training program I realized that ‘a series of homoeopathically related remedies’ are required to complete a cure. Also, I learnt that ‘Cure’ does not mean only the removal of symptoms but it means the transformation of the individual as a whole for the higher purpose of his existence, i.e. existing for the purpose of mankind. I learnt that we as homoeopaths are energy transformers, and we create strength in our patients to make them face their lives given to them by nature.

I also learnt that homoeopathy doesn’t have side effects but very “severe” effects, which can be worst than any medical men if we fail to prescribe the homoeopathic medicines properly on principles.

Through the various video, audio, paper and live cases I learnt that homeopathy is not a mechanical but a very ‘holy’, ‘divine’ and a ‘perfect’ science existing by itself.

Dr. Renuka S. Pujari


Age: 23 yrs. In homoeopathic practice since 2 years.

This ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni from the very first lecture itself has changed my entire perception of homoeopathic practice.

It taught me first and foremost ‘what is silence?’ … And how it is of utmost necessity when we are sitting in a doctor’s chair. I learnt how without silence my case receiving had been incomplete and inappropriate.

I have started thinking anew and afresh in many of my cases. I have seen that since joining this ‘Training Program’ I am able to find more satisfaction in my practice, as I am able to take a proper and thorough case without much effort on my part and a thoroughly taken case helps me to perceive the patient in a much better and holistic way.

Through this ‘Training Program’ I have realized the true value of ‘Organon’ and I am able to find all the answers to my doubts in the ‘Organon’ itself .The idea of drug pictures and image of a remedy etc. which had been so inbuilt in my mind since college days has now been replaced by thorough repertorisation and recognizing the ‘syntax’ of the patient.

Most of all I have understood that we are not here only to treat the symptoms of the patient but to heal him so that he is able to fulfill his higher purpose of existence and is able to contribute his bit in keeping the flow of energy circulating in the universe through the dynamic relation of give and take i.e. ‘sharing’.

Seeing your dedication and commitment to the field of homoeopathy, it has been as inspiration to me and I hope to do my bit so as to contribute to the progress of homoeopathy and give homoeopathy a good name and its due place in society.

For all this I will always remain grateful to you and I look forward to any help that I may require in the near future.