Dr. Roshan R. Billimoria
Age: 42 years.

In homoeopathic practice since 15 years.

I sincerely wish and hope that this superb training would be an unending one. We have looked out for every Sunday evening when we could imbibe more knowledge from our gurus Dr. Prasad S. Shetye and Dr. Falguni K. Khariwala. I regret that I had not met them earlier in my life.

The most important thing that one learns is Mirroring the patient, by maintaining Silence within. How wonderfully the patient starts narrating their complaints when allowed to speak without interruption. Gradually the patient feels one with the physician and narrates his complaints. The tone of the patient, the posture adopted, body language exhibited, all are important from the point of view of case receiving. Case receiving in this training program is unique. Perception is of prime importance. In order to have correct perception, one must shake all remedy pictures that are fixed in our minds. If our perception is correct, we must arrive at one remedy. No comparison of remedies in necessary.

‘Organon’ is ‘homoeopathy’ and ‘homoeopathy’ is ‘Organon’. Every thing is written in Organon. One has to read and understand it diligently. Aphorisms 84, 6, 9, 247, 248, 271 -275 are very important. Posology was taught from Organon and the value of single, similar, minutest dose was discussed in detail. A simillimum in large doses would cause more harm than allopathic medicines – leaving the patient incurable. There is nothing like intercurrent remedies. Through follow-ups of patients when they were rendered cured were discussed at length. Case receiving should be based on verbal, non – verbal and kinesthetic sense. When do you call a symptom a symptom was told. Case receiving should be done in the patients’ language. A particular rubric that is very outstanding should be searched at length – in different repertories and books. It is really amazing to see how after a correct simillimum a person gets reformed! Homoeopathy is a superb science if used properly. I have still to see some body who is so dedicated to homeopathy like Dr. Prasad S. Shetye and Dr. Falguni K. Khariwala. They were never tired answering our queries. Everything in this ‘Training Program’ was very systematic and orderly. We were a very close group of 7 Doctors who were very sincere and eager to learn but may be not hard working.

I think this excellent training program is too short. We had just started thinking in the plane which was taught and the ‘Training Program’ is over L !! We need more ‘live’ cases to be viewed and discussed. Live case received by us and our follies in our act should be pointed out to us. Our perception to be correct, more advice should be given to us. How do we correct our mistakes? We should definitely have more of this Training Program, which is very educative. We should have a clinical meting at least once a month to discuss our problems and also a case that we may be asked to solve.

Through out my Training program I have thanked God for giving me this opportunity to come across such dedicated and simple people, who are open, free and extremely helpful people. I thank you all very much.

Dr. Kavita Patil

Graduated recently and yet to start practice.

My respected Guruji,

I was far away lost in the jungle.
Where I saw a ray of light, in that darkness.
I went in the direction of light.
It is the temple where Dr. Hahnemann is revered and homoeopathy is worshipped.
Where you brought us to the edge of a mountain.
But we were afraid, you pushed all of us and together we flew.

From the first lecture of our Training Program, has changed my perception of homeopathy and saved me from being called MONGREL SECT. Before joining the training program I was totally lost in the streams of thoughts of system of medicine … what to practice and how to practice? Just getting B.H.M.S. degree was not enough but deep in my heart I felt I lacked somewhere … whether I am fit to be called as a homoeopathic physician? Before the training program Organon of medicine was a book to be kept at the in of the shelf. But today I realize that it is a valuable treasure and that was possible only because of your guidance.

I have learnt that homoeopathy is based on nature’s law i.e. harmony (UNIVERSAL LAW) the flow of energy circulating in each and every living being.

With the help of many audio, video, paper and live cases I have learnt what is silence, unprejudiced mirroring of patients, perception of patient with auditory, visual and kinesthetic sense, case receiving, what is a symptom? That the symptom to be considered as a symptom should have spontaneity, clarity, intensity or it should be contrary and that makes the symptom most striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic). Totality of symptom i.e. Portrait of disease which can be conceived by finding essentials and by removing non – essentials and rubrics (equal to the language of the patient without changing its meaning) was beautifully elucidated to us.

Once we have all this, with the help of our instruments i.e. our repertories we have to find the rubric and perceive the portrait of disease in the remedy and not the remedy in the portrait of disease. I also learnt how to select the dose and potency and the repetition of dose.

Lastly but not the least I learnt that every follow – up is a new case receiving.
Today I am confident that I can utilize my life for the well – being of others and this is possible only under your shelter and my hard work.
I am lucky and proud to be a part of ‘NYANGA’.
With lots of love and regards to both of you.

Dr. Rushi P. Vyas
Age: 24 years

In homoeopathic practice since 2 years.

First of all I am very thankful to you for such an informative, knowledgeable and intensive Training Program. I feel that I have breath the fresh air of homoeopathy and at the same time removed all the old carbon dioxide air like my pre notions and speculations about homeopathy. Before I used to take the case but now onwards I will try to receive the case.

I learnt not to form any pictures of remedies, as this will prejudice you. The source books are the best and only books that will guide us. Our session started with a story – the sound of the one handclap; I will never forget this story as through this we have learnt the golden of ‘Silence’.

Before this I used to take each and every expression as a symptom but by aphorism 153 I came to know what is a symptom ? and when to take it as a symptom.

Your way of explaining unprejudiced observer was excellent we will never forget the word ‘FLY’.

All my queries and difficulties about posology were solved as you took us through what Hahnemann has written in the 6th edition of Organon. Also the queries regarding potency, the deviation of the dose, repetition of the dose and what is minimum dose all these were explained by you in a very easy manner. You made the way of case receiving very artistic and scientific by your understanding of audio, visual and kinesthetic levels. We learnt that when we make mistakes we lose the beautiful portrait of diseases given by our patients.

I learnt that ‘Organon’ is the ‘Bhagwat – Gita’ of homoeopathy and that there is only one Master i.e. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Once again I thank you both as you have given me the purpose in my life.

Dr. Monika Midha
Age: 24 years

Doing her house post in gynecology department at Shree Mumbadevi Homoeopathic Hospital, Mumbai.

This training program brought awareness – an insight into homoeopathy. It began with learning to experience silence and then learning to experience auditory, visual and kinesthetic mirroring i.e. to listen, to view and to feel the person rather the individual who has come to seek harmony in his life. During the Training Program there were end number of mistakes made by me – be it in case receiving, perceiving or analyzing. But the entire process was simply delightful because every case brought in me a valuable experience of learning. It brought out within me a process of self-learning – bringing an awareness of homoeopathy within.

Today I feel so clear and free about homoeopathy. Today I feel confident and proud of being a homoeopath. The word homoeopathy brings within me strange vibrations and tears in my eyes because today I am aware of the potential of homoeopathy – the transformation that it can bring in human lives. All the negative feelings of cloudiness, confusion, and uncertainty are lost.

But I have the feeling whether I will be able to put this learning, awareness, understanding into practice and experience the ideal cure – that’s because I a constitutionally a lazy person and I know I need to WORK! WORK! and WORK!

Dear Madam and Sir … I am thankful to you form the depth of my heart for this wonderful training program and seek your blessings to do justice with the ‘science and art of homoeopathy’.

Dr. Mrugank M. Shah
Age: 39 years

In homoeopathic practice since 15 years.

From this ‘Training Program’ I learnt the art and importance of case receiving by mirroring at audio, video and kinesthetic levels. I learnt case analysis as to how to come to rubrics. I also learnt which books to read in order to come to the accurate understanding of the case. Also I got clear understanding of posology. I learnt that even a minimum dose as small as a ‘speck’ has to act if it is a simillimum. Now I know the importance of Organon, which is the ‘Bible’ of Homoeopathy.

Both of you have shown that aphorisms are very important and Organon guides you like a magnetic compass needle in sea. I also learnt that one should not match the symptoms with patient but patients’ symptoms with drug. I know now the importance of perceiving the cases done on video and audio. I now know how important it is to be patient and wait till remedy acts. Also I know the importance of repeating the medicine in deviated dose whenever required.

I am grateful to you as today I have my homoeopathic guides, pals with whom I can discuss about cases and homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy is a vast science and art. I am still not confident of my ability to be a homoeopath. Both of you have given us everything that you could but I still feel I have to go miles to become a good prescriber. I lack confidence to do it.

I will try my level best to utilize what I have learnt in this training program.

I am thankful to Dr. Rajesh Shah to show me the ray of hope to learn homoeopathy by telling me about this training program.

I once again thank Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni from the bottom of my heart for giving us such an enlightening guidance.

Dr. Vaibhavi Trivedi
Age: 25 years

In homoeopathic practice since 2 years.

Through this ‘Training Program’ what I learnt is very difficult to put into exact words. As you repeatedly said to was as unlearning program. I realized the importance of ‘Silence’. I stopped asking many questions to my patients and could receive good cases with the help of mirroring.

After passing out I had hardly touched Organon. Only after attending the seminar and on joining this Training Program I started reading this great book. You really explained us the essence of various aphorisms and now I understand the depth of 84th, 153rd, 6th, 9th, 247th and many other aphorisms.

Another very important thing was that I started referring to source books. In had never opened M. M. Pura or Herring guiding symptoms before. In fact, I found it very difficult initially – I was confused how to use these books!! There were so many books in college library but I never bothered t go near them. Here I was introduced to books like ‘Sensation as if’. Understanding the lineage of remedy was a altogether new word for me. You taught us how to read Dr. Phatak’s Materia Medica. You also taught me thee utility and necessity of various books.

I was stimulated to read after joining this ‘Training Program’. I realize the importance of group discussions and need for regular meetings.

My concept of posology totally changed after attending this ‘Training Program’. I started practicing in a different way and started giving medicines in the deviated dose. I prepared medicines (dry dose) for the first time on my own and it was a great experience. Initially there was a lot of doubt but slowly it became clearer.

I liked this training program very much and learnt a lot from this. In short it has become a milestone in my life.

Dr. Tasnim Khan
Age: 23 years

In homoeopathic practice since 2 years.

Through this training program I have learnt the real meaning of ‘Silence’ and how easily we can receive the case by being silent and patient. I always used to think that patients don’t speak up but it was because I used to talk. After attending this training program I have been able to improve my perception, the way one should analyze the case and come to a remedy.

There were lots of doubt regarding posology and repetition of remedy in my mind, which became absolutely clear after attending the sessions on posology.

In true sense this was an unlearning program where I was able to get rid of the many drug pictures that were in my mind such as Puls. is like this and Silicea is like that. Now I am able to remove all the pictures from my mind and will be able to do justice to my patients in future.

It is one of the best program which every homoeopath will need once he/she is out of collage and going to start practice.