Dr. Sanjay V. Patil
Age: 25 yrs.

Dear Sir and Madam,

I write this from the bottom of my heart, so please understand it. One day a friend of mine called me and told me to attend a seminar. I told him that I was busy with my practice and that my previous experience with all the seminars that I had attended was that most of them were more or less the same, nothing new in or about them!! … But still he insisted me to join and I agreed.

The very first case I saw in this seminar opened me up. For the first time I felt that this is what I wanted for many years … I was waiting ‘only’ for this. This was my first introduction to Dr. Prasad S. Shetye and Dr. Falguni K. Khariwala. I felt if their seminar could have such an impact on me … what to say about their ‘Training Program’. I immediately decided to join.

Since the very first day of the ‘Training Program’ I simply enjoyed every thing. The cases presented to us, the way in which Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni taught us was simply wonderful. It began with in-depth sessions on Case receiving, What is a symptom, What is to be an ‘Unprejudiced’ Observer, What is health/disease, How to deal with one-sided diseases … mental and physical and all this illustrated with well documented video, audio and paper cases. The sessions on ‘Posology’, ‘Dose’, How to reach to the simillimum? How to study the repertory? and their in-depth understanding of ‘Organon’ was simply too good! After the first ‘Training Program’ schedule as I applied what was taught into my practice I was surprised! … I got a very good response from my patients.

These 18 days of ‘Training Program’ I have grown 18 times because Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni taught us with true soul. My collage didn’t give me this sort of knowledge, from the college I just got a certificate, but this ‘Training Program’ has given me the real meaning, the real understanding of homoeopathy. What I liked most about our teachers Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni was that they had been constantly sticking to the principles laid down in the ‘Organon’ by our Master Dr. Hahnemann. I can say through the experience I have had, they have really ‘lived’ our Organon.

This ‘Training Program’ has helped me a lot and I sincerely hope the same for you. Decide fast and if you want to walk the true ‘Path’ simply learn from Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni; they really ‘live’ homoeopathy. I remember one of the sayings of Swami Vivekananda … ” Work purifies our heart and leads to Vidya (Knowledge)” … this is what this ‘Training Program’ has done to me. I hope you experience the same as early as possible because we homoeopaths can really make the lives of our patients better to ‘live’.

Sir and Madam, we had dedication, determination but were not discipline. This ‘Training Program’ has disciplined me and made me realise my higher purpose of existence. Many … many thanks for this wonderful ‘Training Program’.

Dr. Gurudas C. Naik
D.H.M.S. (Bom.)
Age: 45yrs.

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that recently I attended a series of seminars organized by ‘Nyanga’ an educational trust formed by Dr. Prasad S. Shetye, Dr. Falguni K. Khariwala and Mr. B. K. Bhandary to disseminate and propagate advanced studies in Classical homoeopathy in Goa. These seminars enlightened me and I decided to join their ‘Training Program’. This ‘Training Program’ was held from January 2003 to March 2003.

It is difficult to express how much I have benefited. To me it has been an immortal experience, which I got in a short span of 18 days. Practically you can’t gauge the benefits unless you experience it yourself.

I learnt the basic principles of homoeopathy and their application to the cases in practice. I came to understand that our Organon of Medicine is the one and only instrument with the help of which we can restore the sick to health … to cure.

The whole ‘Training Program’ is based on ‘Organon’ and by this I will not like you to misunderstand that it is a theoretical course … rather it is a very practical ‘Training Program’. We had in-depth sessions on how to receive a case with emphasis on verbal and nonverbal expressions of the patient. We learnt to read the patient on the conscious, the sub-conscious and the unconscious levels. We learnt how to study a patient through his gestures, his desires and aversions, his behavior in day-to-day activities, his reactions to various stress and strain in every sphere of his life. We also had session on what is a symptom, what is it to be an unprejudiced observer, what is the meaning of cure, and how to treat one-sided mental as well as physical cases?

The sessions on ‘Posology’, ‘Dose’, and ‘repetition of the dose’ removed all my misconception about this subject. In short all the principles laid down in the ‘Organon’ were illustrated with the help of well-documented video, audio and paper cases. It has been such a beautiful and practical experience that I remained spell bound by looking at the most miserable cases … cured!! by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni.

It will take me pages to innumerate how much I have learnt that I feel you should go through this experience and I can assure it will never be in vain. What our Master Dr. Hahnemann has gifted … ‘ Organon’ is next to what God has gifted us … ‘life’. We can attain to the highest goal of healing the sick by following the principles laid down in the ‘Organon’.

This training has been a boon to me. As I applied all that Sir and Madam taught us in practice it gave me utmost satisfaction to see my very badly suffered cases come in with a smiling face. Before attending this ‘Training Program’ I felt very insecure but now I feel fully secured and proud to be a homoeopath.

In one way I feel Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni are Gods gift to me and I shall always remain in gratitude to them for enlightening me on this ‘Path’. I will always remain in gratitude of Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni for enlightening me on this path. I also wish to thank Dr. Ashok Borkar for guiding me to this ‘Training Program’.

Last but not in the least I urge you to attend this ‘Training Program’ and experience the happiness that it will bring in your life as a homoeopath and through homoeopathy. Thank-you very much ! and God Bless you !!

Dr. Kishore Ahire
Age: 25yrs.

As a homoeopathic physician I was practicing since a couple of years treating patients and I faced a lot of difficulties as I looked for the scientificity of this science and art. As a beginner I needed a platform, a strong foundation so that I could rise for the betterment of the sick. Before joining this ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad S. Shetye and Dr. Falguni K. Khariwala at their ‘Classical Homoeopathic Research Centre’, Mumbai, I had many misconceptions about homoeopathy. As I was not practicing homoeopathy before, I was unaware about the strength and ability of homoeopathic medicine to cure any illness. I was confused and lacked in confidence to practice homoeopathy.

The first and foremost thing that I learned from this ‘Training Program’ was that our ‘Organon’ is the sole and only way to learn the principles of practicing classical homoeopathy. The first important thing when treating a patient is to know about the patient. In college and in my internship we were very mechanical while case taking. This ‘Training Program’ has changed this wrong concept of mine and now instead of a fixed cast taking (format) I have started receiving my patients as a whole and so my perception and impression of my patient has improved.

Next to case receiving this ‘Training Program’ taught me ‘evaluation of symptoms’ while selecting the symptoms. Earlier I was very wayward and random while selecting them but this ‘Training Program’ has changed my total view about symptomatology. It also taught how to construct the hierarchy of symptoms. I was very rough with the principles of posology but after the sessions on ‘Posology’, ‘Dose’ and ‘repetition of the dose’ I came to learn the precise and scientific method of simple, single and minimum dose. I also learnt the exact way of interpreting remedy reaction. We saw beautiful video, audio and solved paper cases with very advanced pathologies successfully treated by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni. All the follow-ups were very well documented and lucidly explained by them. Now my difficulties and anxieties while treating such cases are cleared and I am now very confident in treating such cases.

The session on ‘Priorie’ and ‘Posterity’ helped me to know the dynamic and holistic approach that homoeopathy has towards life. Initially I was totally blank about the understanding of ‘Dreams’ but this’ Training Program’ has definitely made me realise the exact importance behind the symbolism and the exact interpretation of dreams.

In all this ‘Training Program’ has given me immense confidence and ability in practicing classical homoeopathy. It has helped me to remove all misconceptions, difficulties and ideas regarding practicing classical homoeopathy.

I personally feel that you too enroll and learn through this ‘Training Program’ and be a scientific and a successful classical homoeopath.

I would like to be in continuous process of learning classical homoeopathy through cases, sessions and seminar. I personally feel in future after implementing and using the knowledge taught in the ‘Training Program’ we can meet regularly with you and analyze and solve further of our difficulties. I would like to have sessions with you in the advances in understanding the patients in a more intense and classical way so that my learning process is continuous.

Dr. Laxman V. Gavate
B.H.M.S. (Bom.)
Age: 24yrs.

Many Many thanks for giving me this opportunity of learning the principles of Classical Homoeopathy through this ‘Training Program’.

Before this ‘Training Program’ I was very eager to start practice but i didn’t have much confidence as I didn’t have a clear base. From the first day of college till graduation I knew about Organon of medicine but never understood its essence as well as the simplicity with which it is written.

This beautiful understanding came only after I met you. Before this ‘Training Program’ as taught to us in college, I had many complicated ideas about all the concepts of practice in classical homoeopathy. Through this ‘Training Program’ conducted by you it like you have opened the door of classical homoeopathy for me.

Through this Training Program most of my difficulties have been overcome. I have started receiving cases beautifully which I have never done in my life. As I start my practice I will try my level best to implement all that I have received from you till date. In all through this ‘Training Program’ I have come to understand how simple and beneficent homoeopathy is!.

Dr. Shantaram P. Thakare
Age: 26 yrs. In homoeopathic practice since 3 years.

I believe in spiritualism but I was not knowing that homoeopathy works in such depths that it can cure mental symptoms in a patient. I used to think that there is no medicine for patients nature, that ones nature cannot be changed. But through this ‘Training Program’ I came to know that it can be changed. I came to learn that we can give health and harmony to patients life through homoeopathic medicines.

This ‘ Training Program’ taught me about case receiving, i.e. what is important in a patient and what is not. How one can identify the state of the patient. I also learnt what is a symptom? Also I came to the realization that what we consider as symptoms and take into our repertorisation must go. Now my concepts of posology are clear. I also came to know the scope and role of homoeopathy in sever pathological cases. I also realised the concept of Priorie and Posterity.

This ‘Training Program’ has helped me in my practice and I am now sure that I will be able to practice and propagate homoeopathy as well as make my patients well both mentally and physically.

Dr. Levis Da Silva
.H.M.S. (Bom.)
Age: 35yrs.

This ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni has taught me that our duty as homoeopaths is to individualize and treat every patient so that he can achieve his ‘highest purpose of existence’ and not merely disappearance of his symptoms.

To individualise a patient I learnt : 1. To receive the case from the – a) patient, b) the people living with him. c) my own observations. 2. To know what is a ‘Symptom’?3. How to be an ‘unprejudiced observer’.

In treating the patient I learnt about: 1. Posology … Dose. 2. Treating one sided diseases i.e. ‘ Mental Diseases’. 3. Pathological cases in which state utilizes the pathology to make itself known and where pathology dominates the state … I learnt in detail how we should treat these cases. I also learnt how important is the subconscious level on which level expressed are different types of dreams. I came to learn how to interpret them and utilize them. The sessions on Priorie and Posterity taught me the importance of seeing what runs through and through right from conception to the time patient comes to see you.

Till now I was a lopsided homoeopath. This ‘ Training Program’ has taught me how to be a ‘Holistic’ and complete homoeopath. It also taught me that it is not the science that is to be blamed but it is we who are to be blamed for our failures.

Dr. (Mrs.) Swati S. Dhawale
B.H.M.S. (Bom.)
Age: 25yrs.

Before joining the ‘Training Program’ I was totally empty … in the application and knowledge about homoeopathy. I learnt a lot through this training program of which I was totally unaware of. It taught me from case-receiving to cure. There are so many things I learnt that I cannot describe in words.

It is said that ‘speech is silver but silence is golden’. Just by doing this ‘Training Program’ I came to know the exact meaning of ‘Silence’. Only if we perceive this silence we can do miracles. I learnt what cure is all about and what is meant by the higher purpose of existence through well documented cases which were shown through this ‘Training Program’. I also learnt how we can minimize the sufferings of the sick who are suffering with deep seated pathologies … how we can give them an better quality of life.

This ‘Training Program’ has been the ultimate turning point in my life and in my homoeopathic practice. I am very thankful to God who has sent these two diamonds … Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni … on earth to spread the light of homoeopathy. With their blessings I am going to start my practice and I am sure that I will be a successful homoeopath by applying the homoeopathic principles taught by them.

Dr. Rupal S. Vasaya
Age: 23 yrs.

This ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni gave me a lot of confidence and faith in our science. Before joining this ‘Training Program’ I was not knowing why am I practicing Homoeopathy? What am I giving my patients? I was never sure about results and the change that our remedy can make.

What we were taught in college seems just an introduction, there was no depth, there was no correlation between theory and the practical aspect. What knowledge I got from this ‘ Training Program’ is the in-depth understanding of the principles and laws that govern homoeopathy. Even after practicing for 2 years I was not having the confidence to practice Homoeopathy. I was practicing just because I was a homoeopath but I was not … only after completing this ‘Training Program’ I feel I have become one. Through the cases shown and discussed in the ‘Training Program’ I could see for myself what kind of effects our medicines have, how it cures. It was very surprising for me to such miracles.

Now, I have a knowledge about what our simillimum in a minimum dose is capable of producing? Now I have a ‘Path’ to follow. With this knowledge I am sure to achieve results in my practice. I know that there will be obstacles and that I have to read a lot and work hard but with the knowledge share by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni I am sure to succeed.

This ‘Training Program’ has transformed me in my Homoeopathic practice. It is a very memorable experience and I have gained life long precious knowledge that I have never got from any one till now.

Dr. Sarika S. Jadhav
Age: 25 yrs.

The most important thing I learnt through this ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni is about ‘life’. In every case i learnt to perceive how the disease started, how is it going and what it will be in future? Until now in my life I had thought as to why a particular patient suffered from a particular disease? Forget understanding about others but I could never understand my life also!!

But now every thing has changed through the beautiful things that I have learnt in these 3 months. It is difficult for me to express in words all that I have learnt. Now, when I see a case I first ask … Why this particular disease is the first place? This makes me easier to analyze a case and also to come to a common thread which is running through and through. this has helped me to understand my cases in a better way.

Apart from this I am more confident and more clear about my concepts of homoeopathy. All my queries regarding case-receiving, characteristic symptoms, acute and chronic cases, pediatric and pathological cases, posology and rest of my misconceptions have been solved.

Through this ‘Training Program’ I could really understand the importance and the meaning of ‘Organon’ in its true sense. I also came to understand what does Dr. Hahnemann mean by the highest ideal of cure and by what he means by the higher purpose of our existence. Now I will implement it in my own life and also strive hard to implement it in my patients.

Dr. Swaroopa S. Punja
Age: 35 yrs.

Through this ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni I learnt quite a few things about ‘Organon’. I learnt to read and understand the ‘Organon’ in another and different light compared to what ideas I had about it earlier. I learnt how to use it better in my practice. It has been a learning experience of a very different kind. It has made me aware of so many ideas, which otherwise would not have occurred to my mind. Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni have done a great job of making me realise what homoeopathy really is in general and about classical homoeopathy in particular. They helped me eliminate my preconceived notions and ideas.

I learnt the importance of ‘Silence’ … being silent while receiving a case. I have been able to realise what mistakes I used to commit during case receiving and how to eliminate and rectify those mistakes. I have learnt to see patients in a different light.

I know I will have difficulties but at the same time I know that I will be able to overcome it and practice what ever has been taught to me as it has made a lot of sense to me. I will like to follow and learn as I go through my practice and life. I also learnt the importance and power of the minimum dose.

This ‘Training Program’ has helped me to strengthen my belief in homoeopathy and the tremendous impact it can have o all of us. Another thing I learnt is about ‘Priorie and Posterity’. This was something which was totally new to me but it made a lot of sense.

In a way this ‘Training Program’ has been an eye opener in more ways that one and I can say that “yes !! I have learnt quite a lot!!”

Dr. Anupama R. Rao
Age: 35 yrs.

I joined this ‘Training Program’ not knowing exactly how this was going to help me but today at the end of this ‘Training Program’ I have only one sentence to say … “This ‘Training Program’ has to be experienced it cannot be explained”. If I decide to elaborate on this … it not only enriches you, in that you understand what homoeopathy is all about, and how it should be practiced but it also allows you to understand how classical homoeopathy if followed well helps you to enjoy whatever you do in this way of practice.

This ‘Training Program’ conducted by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni actually helped me tremendously in understanding and appreciating what I was not doing till now. Though I was practicing homoeopathy, I was never satisfied, as I was doing something just taught to us without ever reasoning “WHY”?

Today I feel very very happy that whatever I will be doing henceforth will be with a purpose and understanding … that I will be following one of the most rational and wonderful system of medicine.

I am extremely thankful to Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni since they have put me on the path towards betterment of not only my individuality but on a path of self-realization. I feel I am still not confident today to tell you what I used to feel and experience during my previous days of practice. But I am very confident that from today I will definitely work towards increasing my knowledge and helping myself and my patients ion the path of self-realization … a path that I have chosen for myself.

I feel that I need to read more extensively and throughout the ‘Training Program’ I kept feeling that it was always in front of me but the motivation and understanding came only after I came here for this course. Not just my way of practice but the way I have started responding to all my feelings or questions that arise in my mind are different today. The 4 questions that Dr. Prasad asked are so valid and basic that I feel that they cannot be answered till you have achieved this self-realization … that in the first place who are we?

I feel I have a long long way to go but I am very very confident and happy to say that I have started on the right course and found the right colleagues and friends and found confidence to say that I will keep on this path till I can confidently tell Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni that I have tried to be true to myself.