Dr. Prem Gonsalves

From this ‘Training Program’, I gained the CONFIDENCE to practice classical homoeopathy. Before joining this training program I was doing so called classical homoeopathy but now I know the real ‘way’ to do classical homoeopathy…and the ‘WAY’ is ‘Organon’.

From this ‘Training Program’, I learned to unlearn remedy picture …never to get into the trap of thinking a remedy while receiving a case. I got deeper understanding of § 84, § 153, § 6 and § 9. I learned about ‘mirroring’ only in this training program. It is a tool of immense importance in our practice. Every homoeopath should know about this tool so that his case receiving will become effortless.

About ‘Diet and regimen’, I was surprised to see the clear-cut instructions already given in the Organon! I have learnt about reperotisation and the value of selecting the proper rubric. From the session on ‘Dreams’, I learned the value of dreams in selecting the remedy and the proper way of interpreting dreams.

Posology was a real blow!! After this training program I feel confident about handling the chronic and pathological cases. Now, I have learnt how to read and understand repertory. There are wrong entries in our repertory and we have to be careful otherwise our own instrument will fail us in our clinics.

Also, I had understanding of ‘Priori and Posterity‘ and ‘higher purpose of existence’.

I am looking forward to go to the clinic and experience that ‘unfolding of the case’ before me!

Dr. Pallavi Puranik

Few years back I took admission in homoeopathic college. I passed all academic years, I got the degree certificate – but after attending this ‘Training Program’, I realized that the college studies were just the beginning and this training program has given me the proper direction to excel in the field. Now, I have got the inspiration to practice classical homoeopathy based on principles, which will give me satisfaction.

For the first time I have learned Organon!! This training program helped me a lot. I learned application of Organon in cases in practice. It boosted my interest in classical homoeopathy. I learned the importance of proper case receiving, perception of the case, about verbal and non verbal expressions and mirroring of the patient. In my college nobody taught me this approach in five years!I I liked the way you taught us, which improved my thinking process. You explained all the important aphorisms with the help of audio and video cases that made it easy for proper understanding of case receiving, finding the symptoms and the proper rubrics.

By the session on ‘Priory and Posterity’ I learned the dynamic and holistic approach of homoeopathy in life, which was new to me. Dream sessions made me realise their importance – their symbolization and interpretation.

I came to know about this program luckily on internet and therefore I am thankful to God for giving me this opportunity and directing me in proper way.

Special thanks to Dr. Falguni and Dr. Prasad.

Dr. Aditi Shah

Very truthfully, I felt that I have learnt the very essentials of homoeopathy. I have learnt how to receive a case. I got wonderful experience through video cases which are cured. I also learned about what will happen after a correctly selected remedy is given to a patient. That will help me in building my confidence in homoeopathy and in my prescription.

I also learned about posology… what was being taught to us in college and what is written in Organon is totally different!!

After this training program, my practice will change totally, right from giving an appointment, case receiving, analysis of case, about posology and management of case. I have now understood that we are not here to just alleviate the symptoms but to heal the patient.

I did not know about the deviated doses at all! I was shocked when I came to know that such a minute dose can bring such a beautiful changes in the patient!!

I used to believe that our science can not help in advanced pathological cases, but after attending this training program I think we have come to know about the correct and reliable path on which we can start our journey happily. I never thought about ‘diet and regimen ‘ so deeply which you have taught us. Even I did not know about ‘dreams‘…how to use them in our analysis. I came to know wonderful interpretation of dreams…why do they exist?

I am very thankful to both of you to teach us ‘true homoeopathy’. Thanks a lot!

Dr. Deepali Karkhanis

Wow, amazing! I never knew, I would learn so much in these few days! For the first time I really understood homoeopathy after attending the ‘ Training Program’. I have remarkably improved in my perception. Initially I was not able to perceive due to my wrong perception, prejudice and faulty observation. All this has improved greatly. My base or rather foundation has become stronger after attending this ‘ Training Program’. I learned immensely about mental diseases, posology, causation, diet and regimen and about dreams. I have gained knowledge about posology in much detail… something I was not much aware of. These sessions made me aware of the need to be an absolute unprejudiced physician …also, I became aware of the need for polishing the knowledge of the repertory, materia medica and above all of the Organon. I learned how important SILENCE is for a homoeopathic physician.

These sessions have re-opened my mind towards real understanding of homoeopathy. I am enlightened! Thank you from the deepest depth of my heart. From today, my struggle is over…let things happen to me!!

Dr. Krina Jagani

First and foremost thing which I learned from this training program is ‘unlearning’! As it is truly said …’ignorance is bliss’ was true in my case. But now when I know, I can’t afford to do the same. Other thing that I learned is ‘silence’. After attending this training program, now I know what I want out of my life as a homoeopath.

The whole Training Program was a key for me from which I am going to open the doors for my purpose of being and for the betterment of mankind. Thanks a lot!!.

Dr. Ami Bhayani

The first session of seven days was a drastic change for me. I learned here what I would not have learnt in my practice or from college alone. I learned the value of SILENCE. The importance of § 84 – wherein, we are taught as to what to view, listen and feel about the patient. Also, I learned about verbal and non-verbal language of the patient. Now, I know what do we really call a symptom as taught in § 153. My perception of the case has totally changed !! After doing this training program I have understood, how I used to make a gross mistake in college while taking the case, just as soon as patient utters a word, open the repertory and try to find a rubric or any other which even slightly matches with the patient’s words. I never knew what the symptom is!

In second session, we learned about the various ‘monsters’ (series of remedies) coming up and how we deal with them. We also got in-depth understanding of mental and corporeal diseases as well as how to deal with them with a remedy and how to counsel the patient.

About posology, we learned how we give enormous quantity and repetition of the remedy without even realizing what harm we are doing; and how even the minutest dose acts. This is unimaginable but true!

This training program had been a great experience for me. I was really confused as to how will I practice homoeopathy in my life? Now I think I have taken a step towards that. Till now I used to take a case, but now I know, I should not ‘take’ a case, but ‘receive’ a case. The most important thing required for case receiving is ‘mirroring’ at all planes – verbal and non-verbal.

Also, sessions on pathological cases, priory and posterity were very educative.

About dreams, I learned how dreams direct us to know the state of the patient.

To me, this Training Program was like a mother holding the finger of her baby and helping the child, teaching them the right way and preventing us from taking all wrong steps, but guiding us in all the modes of our life.

Thanks for all you have done for our upbringing, directing us and showing the right path.

Dr. Rupali Bhangalee

This ‘Training Program’ is really very nice, very worth kind of program. Through it I really learned the meaning of ‘silence’ …because of lack of it I always used to miss out on things, which are important in a case. Also, I learned the visual, auditory and kinesthetic language. By verbal and non verbal we understand many things about the patient. Before this training program I had never thought like this!!

Also, I learned how important is the posology. With finding proper simillimum, the dose, potency and repetition is also important. Through this training program I have gained more confidence, which I never had before to practice homoeopathy. These sessions have totally changed my view of homoeopathic practice. I got the complete way of practicing classical homoeopathy. By attending this training program one realises that “homoeopathy is really classic!!”

About dreams – we understood how beautifully dreams show our inner state. The ‘Diet and Regimen’ session was very good …how diet and regimen can affect the patient and how we can use this in our practice. This was described very nicely according to acute and chronic diseases.

Before this training program, I had lot of questions and problems about homoeopathy. But now I feel that I have no more queries …all my problems are solved. I have got my path. Now by doing hard work I want to be a good classical homoeopath.