Dr. Prakalpita Dessai, Goa

The happiness that I feel is unexplainable!! With this training program I start my journey full of confidence and enthusiasm. This training program made me realize the truth hidden in the Organon, the path to be followed and all the things I needed to unlearn. Before joining you, Sir and Madam, I was in doubt about homoeopathy but today it is a beginning for me with the foundation of truth, purity and experience that you have shared with us and I promise that I will follow this pure path with all my hard work.

With Dr. Hahnemann’s teachings illustrated I feel very happy for myself and I cannot fathom the happiness that my patients will feel once I use our Masters pure provings … and that is my dream … to see my patients happy!! I am going back to begin an altogether new life. Sir and Madam, I want to learn more and more from you’ll. I am very thankful to you for helping me to reveal my own self that was unrevealed even to me for the last 22 years. Today I can end my writing in …Yours in homoeopathy … a learner.

Dr. Manoj Pandit, Goa

It was Gods wish and Dr. Hahnemann’s spirit, which brought me and kept us all together for 18 days in this temple (CHRC) like a family. Instead of using the word learning, I actually unlearned here. It was very helpful for me as the training started with basic foundation i.e. Organon of the Healing Art and that foundation was made stronger. Through this training program I understood the deeper meaning of Organon, its significance as a whole and to the word, order, punctuation marks (coma, dash, full stop etc.) in short I experienced the Organon accurately. I unlearned the theories, and my ideas, which were formed from someone else’s thinking which I took to be facts. I came to understand the incompleteness of my knowledge! Schedule wise I learnt … the essentials of a homoeopathic physician – silence and meditation; the essentials of symptoms as elucidated in aphorism 153 – more striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic); I learnt to train my sense of vision, listening and feeling; how to he an unprejudiced observer; I learnt the true definition of health through the illustration of aphorism 9; posology in homoeopathy; diet and regimen in acute and chronic diseases; cause and effect and its understanding through illustration; Priorie and posterity; dreams and their understanding and lastly the rules of direction of cure.

I learnt the technique of building rapport with the patient. The biggest learning and advantage about this Quantum Leap Training Program was that it made me realize about myself so now I can correct myself in a better and right way so that I can make myself and my patients to accomplish the higher purpose of our existence.

Thank you!! Sir and Madam for conducting this training program as it has opened my eyes and preventing me from committing a crime of prescribing inaccurate and impure medicines.

Also, I am grateful to you for encouraging me to read source books. I promise that I will contribute and aid in propagating our true and pure science as far and wide as possible.

My God Bless our temple “CHRC”.

In Harmony an peace,

Dr. Shweta Sruyavanshi, Mumbai

“This is your vacation on earth; why spoil it?” that is what Sir said the other day and it’s so true!! Why not leave this plane in its purest form without any further manifestation? I have learnt the importance of life and more over if you face it, then there is no fear. This Quantum Leap training program has helped me over all and hence I feel that if I am cured I can change the life of many more and certainly help families form breaking. As the great saying goes ‘Charity begins at home’ I feel that’s true for homoeopathy too. If I don’t find the root cause of the problem at my home, how can I help others?

On this day I wanted to gift you’ll a token of my appreciation … so I am gifting myself to you, submitting myself to you completely as I feel no materialistic thing can take the place of what you have given me. What I received is far beyond what I could have ever asked for!!

My passion for homoeopathy and for reading has grown a lot. Now I am sure about what my goal is and I am going to strive hard for this. Today I realize the importance of my life, my existence and why I am a homoeopath. I feel blessed every moment and hence I want everyone around me also to feel blessed of his or her existence.

Thank you very much dear Sir and Madam, and I am thankful to Dr. Subhash too for guiding me and showing me the right path and encouraging me to join this Quantum Leap Training Program in classical homoeopathy.

Dr. Yogesh Dessai, Goa

First of all I would like to thank all the forces, which propelled me to this temple of homoeopathy where only Hahnemann is worshiped. I could be a part of such beautiful, enlightening, and dedicated sessions was really being in a wonderful dream. I still can’t believe it!! After passing out of college (after 4 ½ years study course) opportunity came to me to attend this Training Program in the year 2006 but I just ignored it saying to myself that I will buy a good software with the help of which I will be able to cure my patients. This in reality didn’t happen and the same was my experience during my internship. All my desire to learn more about classical homoeopathy brought me to CHRC.

It is just impossible to tell anyone what I learnt in these 18 days, which at the beginning I felt are too less, but after the completion of today I feel I have learnt more than what I learnt in the last 5 ½ years.

This Quantum Leap training program first of all changed my life. Initially I thought the sessions will be hard on us but it was never so. They were always very simple and the communication with Sir and Madam was absolutely down to earth. I didn’t feel any hesitation to ask about my minor, basic difficulties. It was so simple that it was hard for me to unlearn all the concepts and methodologies, which I had learnt that had been propagated, and which I had imbibed within myself. But here through this Quantum Leap Training Program I saw illustrated our simple masters simple homoeopathy. There is no doubt in my mind now that Organon is the only path, which can lead us to simple classical homoeopathy. No fanciful concepts or speculative ideas can help.

Yes! It is difficult for me to explain what I learnt here at CHRC through this training program. I can only say it is an EXPERIENCE, which each one has to experience themselves by joining the training program. The only thing that I can say is all the experience that Sir and Madam have had in the past 15 years was just kept in front of us, without any hesitation because at CHRC the only thing that runs through and through is upliftment of classical homoeopathy which right now I am experiencing. I strongly feel all homoeopaths if they are governed by true conscience should attend this Training program as by just giving any medicine that comes to our mind we will cause disaster to humankind and of course Hahnemann did not conceive homoeopathy for that!!

Dr. Priya Ketkar, Mumbai

The Quantum Leap training program was a great unlearning experience for me. Unlearning the previous fixed pictures of materia medica, case-taking and coming to the totality.

Through this training program I could feel Organon, which during college days was just a subject to learn and answer in the exams.

What I mainly learnt was case-receiving utilizing all our senses illustrated through the audiovisual cases that were shown to us. I learnt not just to see what the patient was suffering from at the physical level but also to allow the patients language to seep into me and then find the core of the patient. I learnt how wrong I was in fitting the remedy to a case as I saw illustrated how the remedy flows through any given case.

The most important thing I learnt was the beauty of silence. In all my previous learning I could never experience the beauty of silence but here I learnt how easy it is to perceive if we are silent inside.

The session on dreams was a great session. I never knew that dreams could reveal so much about a person.

Lastly I would like to thank our dear Sir and Madam for taking us through this beautiful world of homoeopathy. I would certainly like to work with you through all possible things that I can do to help carrying the beacon of homoeopathy further and forward.

Dr. Sandeep Kanse, Navi Mumbai

The Quantum Leap training program in classical homoeopathy has given me the right twist in thoughts and shown me the true and right path i.e. Organon. Dr. Prasad sir and Dr Falguni madam illustrated the truth written by Dr. Hahnemann in the Organon through video, audio and paper cases from their vast but principled practice. These cases helped me to enhance my thought process and all this happened to me easily! Fantastic! Is the only word that can describe this experience and I really felt this way in every session through out the training program. Each session was inspiring and I felt energetic and confident listening to their homoeopathic insight. I am sure their illustrations will always keep me on the path of principled homoeopathy.

Within three weeks I felt a change in me. I learnt how to be unprejudiced; how to receive and perceive each individual case and view it in totality; I learnt how to train our senses in observation; how to select the remedy using the repertory and then confirming it through reading the source books and only then prescribing it. The session on posology, diet and regimen its relation and understanding while treating cases … simply speaking all about homoeopathy and homoeopathic practice was revealed to me in just a span of 18 days!!! I feel myself very lucky that this Quantum Leap training program happened to me and all this only because of their hard work and whole hearted sharing and pouring of their experience based on principles laid down in the Organon. This training program has really guided me on the true path of healing – Organon. Now I am ready to surrender myself to homoeopathy and I pray to my God and Dr. Hahnemann to give me strength to work hard and adhere to the principled path. I heartily thank Sir and Madam for making all this possible for me through this Quantum Leap training program in classical homoeopathy.