Dr. Milisha Silveira, Goa

“Enlightenment” is what I got at this ‘Quantum Leap International Training Program in Classical Homoeopathy.’ 18 days – sounds very little, but these 18 days have changed me for life !!

Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni who dwell in my heart, have not taught any of their own theories, but shared with us the truth and their experience. They did not teach me, but made me experience the truth myself. When we are taught something … we tend to forget it soon, but when we experience it ourselves by doing and feeling … it becomes a part of us and we can never ever forget it ! They have laid a strong foundation of homoeopathy in me with the true principles given by our Master Dr. Hahnemann.

That small tiny book ‘Organon of the Healing Art’ which was always left unlooked and untouched in my huge beautiful library has now become my reason for living! I went to search the truth in those huge expensive books … after coming to CHRC I learnt that “Why believe in books written on speculative theories of newer generations?” ‘Our Master has been so kind to us, he has written every truth in the Organon, all we have to do is, open it with a clear mind and read it!!

More than learning it was an unlearning experience. It was very difficult for me to shed off those fixed theories and ideas that were taught to me for 4 ½ long years, which I blindly took to be facts. Sir has rightly said, ” Don’t point out the false but stick to the truth.’

Above all, at CHRC, I recognized the inner me, my potential to become an unprejudiced observer, to view, to listen and to feel … keeping silence myself.

The sessions on pathology, posology and dreams were beautiful. It was only after these sessions that I realised, homoeopathy is so divine and it’s the most wonderful blessing gifted to me.

The session on priorie and posteriori helped me view the deeper meaning of life and made me realise the purpose of my existence !!! I never knew that being a classical homoeopath is THE most wonderful gift to have been received. I know my responsibility as a physician and I have now known my calling in life. There is nothing more beautiful than this that has ever happened to me. The session on dreams made me understand the deeper meaning of our inner state, which is expressed out subconsciously. It gave me an insight of the unseen. More than a training program it was an EXPERIENCE program.

I learnt the true understanding of posology, which I never understood in 4 ½ years of my academic life. Mental diseases – something that I never liked studying because I could never understand it … after this training I have started loving it. Sir and Madam explained to us in such a manner that it will be very hard to erase it from my heart (not my Mind).

Knowing the fact that our grasping power is weak, both Sir and Madam took great effort in making us understand each and every point regardless of their time schedule. I am sure if it were someone else other than Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni, they would have kicked us out or run away themselves. They had so much of patience with us … Thank you Sir… thank you Madam!

I am greatly thankful to Sir and Madam for conducting such an intense training program and even more thankful to Dr. Lewis Da Silva for guiding me towards this training program.

I am fortunate to meet such wonderful two souls (Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni) in this journey of my life. Just a small thank you is toooooo … small to express my gratitude to you both.

For me, I haven’t seen my Master Dr. Hahnemann, but I see Hahnemann living in Sir and Madam, for they have made homeopathy their life and not a part of their life and I promise you that I will show you my gratitude through my doing.

May God bless you,

Dr. Bryna D’Costa, Goa

The Quantum Leap International Training Program in Classical Homoeopathy has been a great unlearning experience for me … and unlearning is much more difficult task to do than learning! What do I mean by unlearning? Unlearning – those fixed pictures of drugs that I had in my mind … I had to unlearn that there is no such thing as drug pictures. It was indeed very taxing to get rid of something that by now had become a habit. But the happiness that I experience after being able to achieve this is unbelievable !!

During this Training Program, I have realised the deeper meaning of Organon it being the very foundation of homoeopathy. Homoeopathy is all there … in the Organon … just read it with all your heart and we will know what a priceless gift our Master Dr. Samuel Hahnemann has left unto us. I have never felt so enthusiastic about reading Organon as I feel now.

I have learnt how important it is to be silent within (§ 84) … to truly receive a case and this can only be achieved or experienced by putting it into practice. I got to learn a lot during this entire training program … posology, diet and regimen … in both acute and chronic diseases, cause and effect, dreams and their understanding, rules and direction of cure … and Priorie and posteriori was one of my favorite part of the program.

It is here that I came face to face with myself. It is here that I got to know the real ‘Me’. It is only when one truly knows oneself that he/she can know the other.

I had always been very unhappy about choosing homoeopathy as my profession, always felt it had nothing much to offer … but after coming for this Training Program I have realised it’s not so.

There could not be a better profession than this for me and I am very grateful to almighty God for it !!

I would like to thank you Sir and Madam for encouraging me through out this training program. I am also grateful to my teacher Dr. Lewis Da Silva, Dr. Yogesh and Dr. Prakalpita Dessai for encouraging me to join this training program … not forgetting my parents and close friends who were a constant support.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying … ‘no one can go back and make a brand new start. But you can always start from now and make a brand new ending’.

Dr. Bhavana Jain (MUMBAI)

It seems like a rebirth of myself in homoeopathy. The homoeopathy I knew since long, now doesn’t exist! Now I am seeing a change in myself, my vision, which is very necessary to be a true homoeopath and more over as a person. I was stuck in my life before joining this Training Program. But due to Dr. Shweta Suryavanshi’s advice this course happened to me and I have a new beginning altogether. Now I feel more responsible to be a doctor; a homoeopath and am really happy because some time back due to the present homoeopathic scenario I felt all lost as to how to practice homoeopathy? Every homoeopath had a different way, a different drug picture!! This I felt very disheartening and I was all confused. But now especially after going through this training program I feel all my thoughts and doubts are cleared and I feel blessed to be a homoeopath !!

Now, I know my aim, and Sir and Madam have shown us the way. It is now my duty to work hard on it and not to get disappointed by failures in the beginning !! I promise to be a true good homoeopath in coming times as per Sir and Madam’s principles; as per Hahnemannian standards !!

Thanks will be a very small word to express my feelings to Sir and Madam but I am grateful to you both. I feel blessed !! I require your blessings, all the way through, as my journey starts today. I am happy that my journey has begun on the right track, which leads to success.

Thank you Sir and Madam

Dr. Trisha Torcato, GOA

“Excellence and Humility are not incompatible they are twins in the family of success.” To excel is what we are called for – excel in our service for humanity, through the most divine systems of medicine – homoeopathy. I have been blessed to have the chance of experiencing true classical homoeopathy through this Quantum Leap International Training Program in Classical Homoeopathy. This training program has reshaped my mind and heart in order that I perceive, think and feel correctly. It has been a very beautiful journey of experience and knowledge. I have come to understand the deeper meaning of all existence and the congruence between all things in a state of disease. It has also been an unlearning experience of fixed drug pictures and many other wrong notions. I have also learnt the importance of reading source books. What I have learnt is just too much to put down in words. Through this training program I learnt every sphere I needed to learn and unlearn, to be an unprejudiced observer, the means of making your-self one with the patient, receiving symptoms and boiling down to a true totality that reflects the patient. I also learnt dream interviewing. In short the basic and advanced course has transformed me to understand the true nature of homoeopathy and most importantly myself.

For all this I really want to thank Sir and Madam for outpouring of their years of experience and labor before us through videos, audio and paper cases. Their teaching really uplifts homoeopathy. My sincere thanks to Dr. Lewis Da Silva for informing me about this training program.

It is now my efforts that count to put to practice all that I have learnt for, “Excellence is not often granted on easy terms.” Sir, what you once spoke of, what Dr. Hahnemann has written, seeped deep into my mind and I shall never forget it … ” When we have to do with an art whose end is the saving of human kind, any neglect to make ourselves masters of it, becomes a crime.”

Thank you Sir and Madam.

Dr. Deepali Joshi, Thane

This ‘Quantum Leap International Training Program in Classical Homoeopathy’ has played a very vital role in building me as a person to become a physician. I learned a lot through this training program, the most important being how the physician should keep silence. The real meaning of silence I saw illustrated through this training program. What I learnt about language I was not even aware. I didn’t know that the verbal, non-verbal and gestures play such an important role in the patients’ life. It was an eye opener to me when I saw clippings of handwriting, drawings and colors used by patients that replicated the patient’s state. I also learnt how mirroring plays a very important role in receiving the case. I had many preconceived ideas regarding remedies, drug pictures but here we came to know that these ideas that we were having are truly baseless; also I learned the process of repertorisation.

The posology session was also interesting. No one in our college had bothered to explain us on these topics. It was unbelievable that a dose of medicine, the size of pill less than a poppy seed, can act so dynamically in human body and that if wrongly selected had a capacity to produce sure and severe effects. Also I learnt how to deviate the potency and never to repeat the same potency. I understood how Diet and regimen was important in the process of healing. The most important part of which I was totally unaware of was Dreams, Priorie and Posteriori.

I came and got all my questions answered. I am really thankful to Sir and Madam who shared such precious knowledge of homoeopathy with us. These 18 days have really given me the holistic approach to treat patients.

Dr. Supriya Nijai, Thane

After passing B.H.M.S. I got the degree and legal authority to practice as a homoeopathic physician. I was not confident about prescribing medicine to patients. I made many unsuccessful attempts to treat patients and was unable to understand where I was going wrong? Fortunately I got the golden opportunity to enroll for the ‘Quantum Leap International training Program in Classical Homoeopathy’ and suddenly every thing changed. I have learned a lot of thing through this ‘Training Program.’ I learned how to keep silence and view, listen to and feel the patient while receiving a case. I also learnt what is verbal and non-verbal language and what is mirroring. I never knew what exactly it means to be an unprejudiced observer. My misconceptions are over!! I also learned the importance of dreams and how to derive their exact meaning and how they are congruent with our conscious state. I also learned about handling pathological cases … how to treat them and what exactly we have to consider while treating them.

Most of my doubts are cleared. At least now I know what exactly I have to do. My confidence has largely improved and the credit definitely goes to Se. Prasad and Dr. Falguni. I really thank you both for your great support and help.

Thank you

Dr. Rahul Modhave, Mumbai

This ‘Quantum Leap International Training Program in Classical Homoeopathy’ was truly an enlightening experience for me. Before joining this training program I was lost in darkness about my future and low in confidence to practise homoeopathy.

Both Sir and Madam taught us in a very simple language and a kind manner. They taught us the different aspects of case receiving, posology, pathology, mental diseases etc. that I had never known before. They shared wonderful video, audio and paper cases, which helped us to sharpen our perception. I learned the importance of dreams, cravings, aversions aggravations and ameliorations. The session of Priorie and posteriori opened my eyes in a broad way.

I feel very lucky to have done this training program and I want to thank Dr. Subhash Dhawale who has shown me the right path.

I can only say thanks to Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni but they both deserve a lot more than this. These two ‘Gurus’ are important to me at this turning point of my life through this training program. I feel others should also get benefited through this training program. I plan to share my experience with my friends and all I can say to others is that it’s not just 18 days program but they are going to build 18 pillars that will hold your future … so think as if it’s your last chance to get enlightened and join this training program.

I feel very lucky to be a part of this training program, which will be an important aspect of my life.

Thank your Sir and Madam for everything.